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Online Courses


The Classroom is a special area for you to upload Lessons. Each Lesson consists of a video and any associated documents (e.g. PowerPoint slides, exercises, notes).

Several Lessons can be packaged together as part of an online coaching program. A simple and powerful feature to streamline your coaching!


  • Once you have the content it’s super easy to add courses and lessons – takes about 2 minutes
  • A course consists of any number of lessons
  • A lesson consists of a title, a link to a video (from Youtube or similar video hosting site) and any documents that go with the video i.e. PowerPoint slides, worksheets, templates, tests, etc.
  • Create as many Courses and Lessons as you need
  • Control which clients get access to each course
  • Automated drip feed of lessons to clients (coming soon)
  • We assume that your lessons are your materials or that you have permission to use them, and of course,  you retain all rights to your material


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