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Choosing a coaching niche is an important first step to developing your online coaching business. Without a clear niche, you’ll come across as totally scattered to your potential fans. Plus, without the scope that a coaching niche provides, you’ll find that it’s pretty tricky to write a suite of useful information products and online programs to market and sell from your website.

Basically, your niche helps you focus and empowers you to get started on a path! You can spend your life being average at all types of coaching, or you can get serious about a specific coaching niche and be amazing!



A Tool to Help You Focus

Choosing a niche is not really as big a deal as you may imagine. Simply put your niche is a mix of your current skills, passions, and expertise, combined with a specific segment of the market that you can relate to and fully understand.

Ironically, enough, sometimes it takes a while to be honest enough with yourself to get the mix right. And that’s OK. As I am often saying to my Academy clients, some things just take time to figure out, be kind to yourself.  🙂

Your first coaching niche need not be the one you ultimately settle on. You can change your niche as many times as you need to, as you become more in-tune with and confident in yourself as a coach.



Still Figuring Out your Coaching Niche?


If you are still figuring out your coaching niche, and want some help, here is a list of coaching niche ideas to get you thinking.

In my opinion, not one of them is particularly what I would call a, stand-out niche. Stand-out niches are great in the online world where being generic and predictable is boring and often gets overlooked! Stand-out niches get noticed and have the added benefit that they are also usually cheaper to market because they are smaller targets. (Side note: Did you know that with the right product set, coaches can run amazing businesses with just 1000 real fans?!)

If you want to try for a stand-out coaching niche, combine two or more of the ideas on this list and see where it takes you. I’ve found that when you start combining, things quickly become more interesting. See if you can come up with a coaching niche that is something special, is worth noticing, and is uniquely YOU!



List of Coaching Niches

This list has been loosely categorised to help make it easier to read. You may find that some niches belong in multiple categories. for the sake of having 99 different ideas, I’ve avoided duplicate entries.

If you have any suggestions to make on the list, please share them in the comments section below.


Arts and Creativity

1. Acting

2. Dancing

3. Music

4. Singing

5. Writing

6. Drawing

7. Painting

8. Crafts

9. Photography



10. Advancement

11. Career Transition

12. Interview Skills

13. Job Search

14. Retirement



15. Executive Coaching

16. Mergers and Acquisitions

17. Strategic Planning

18. Team Building


Emotions, Thoughts, Mindset

19. ADHD

20. Anxiety

21. Addiction

22. Autism

23. Depression

24. Grief

25. Happiness

26. Law Of Attraction

27. Stress Relief


Technique/ Method/ Approach

28. NLP

29. EFT

30. Reiki

31. Re-birthing

32. Yoga

33. Hypnotherapy

34. Journalling

35. Art



36. Adoption

37. Ageing Parents

38. Funeral

39. Living Overseas

40. Military Family

41. Mixed Families

42. Parenting

43. Stay-At-Home Parent

44. Attachment Parenting

45. Alternative Schooling

46. Divorce/Separation


Health, Fitness, Wellness

47. Competitive Sport

48. Exercise

49. Nutrition

50. Raw, Vegan, Or Vegetarian

51. Specific Diet Type

52. Specific Health Problem

53. Weight Loss>


Life Skills

54. Assertiveness

55. Communication Skills (Effective Listening, Questioning, Rapport Building, etc)

56. Self Confidence

57. Time Management

58. Work/Life Balance

59. Financial Management

60. Getting Organized (de-clutter)

61. Interior Design

62. Lifestyle Design

63. Personal Image


Love Life

64. Cross Cultural

65. Dealing With Loss

66. Divorce

67. Gay

68. Marriage

69. Online Dating

70. Better Sex



71. Goal Setting and Achievement

72. Motivation

73. Productivity


Professional Skills

74. Communication

75. Customer Service

76. Leadership

77. Management

78. Negotiations

79. Project Management

80. Public Relations

81. Public Speaking

82. Sales/Marketing


Small Business

83. Entrepreneur

84. Growing a Business

85. Getting Online

86. Marketing

87. Starting a Business



88. Inner Peace

89. Intuition

90. Life Purpose

91. Meditation

92. Mid-Life Crisis

93. Religion


Shared Common Ground

94. Specific Age

95. Specific Location

96. Specific Nationality

97. Specific Profession

98. Specific Religion

99. Specific Life Experience


Tons more!

These are just a few niche ideas that can be combined together to create thousands more!

I’d like to thank Caren for taking the time to comment with these additional suggestions:

  • Transitional Life Coach
  • Disability Life Coach
  • Brain Injury Recovery Life Coach
  • Neuro-cognitive Life Coach
  • Parenting



Feeling Inspired

Which ones inspire you?

What other combinations would you like to add to the list?

The important thing is to choose and focus on a niche that taps into your expertise and understanding and then give it your all.

From there, you will grow and learn to trust yourself more and more. By continually following your own positive energy, you will end up with your calling when you are truly ready.

Trying to figure out your coaching niche, but feeling lost?

You are not alone! That's exactly why I've written a 104-page workbook - to help coaches like you get clear.

I guide you through exercises that explore your natural talents, experience, values and more so you can hone in on 5 niche options that will be easy and fun for you to get started on straight away.

Let's overcome your niche issue so you can start creating your dream coaching business!


  1. Jenny

    I never even realized that life coaches could coach on so many things! Makes me want to hire one for all aspects of my life. 🙂 How many life coaches can one person have do you think?

    • Benay

      Good one Jenny! If it’s working with a coach one-to-one probably one coach at a time is enough otherwise your brain might explode! If you are getting coaching through apps, online courses or books then maybe you can stretch that to one business and one personal. Anyone else have any thoughts?

    • Jennie Stoltz

      One coach can work in many areas. One of the fundamentals of coaching is recognizing where clients goals are and guiding toward helpful resources.

    • Seth

      How many therapist does it take to change a light bulb? Just 1, but the lightbulb has to be willing to change.

    • Eva

      Just read this and I see it’s a few years back but I just had to answer. I use the wheel of life. This tool helps the client determine what they most want to work on first. It’s works! It’s fun because we get results.

  2. Rachel

    That’s right Jenny… A coach for every aspect…. In my experience it’s better to get coaching on the aspect that is most important to you at the time…. There are also coaches like myself that do both personal and business coaching too…. It’s more of a holistic approach… And because I love helping my business clients with their personal lives… So I do both.

    • Jeannette

      I want to coach my clients in both personal and business, as you do, but do not know the best title to call what that is.
      What type of coach do you say you are?

  3. Neelam Rai


    Indeed a Holistic Lifestyle or Transformational Coach can really help you on any major areas of your life.

    Even coaches have their own coaches and it’s perfectly ok to have a few since life is a journey and we all are always learning & growing for the highest good.

    I would say, Start with one coach and get a feel first.

    Love & light,
    Your Holistic Consultant.
    Expertise in Health, Wellness & Reiki Coaching

  4. Sarah

    I’m looking into coaching. And I need coaching on narrowing down a niche!! I love travel, holistic, Christian faith, building relationships and parenting…

    Any thoughts on how to combine or narrow?

    • Benay

      Exciting times Sarah! You totally need to do my “Find Your Coaching Sweet Spot” Workbook! Other than that, if you are just starting out, the best thing to do it to start coaching people. After about 200 hours of coaching, your niche will find you 🙂

      • Charliie

        I love this advice. So happy I came across this page.

      • Benay

        Thanks Charliie!

      • Nia Dennis

        Great answer!

  5. Lexi

    Hi Benay!
    I really enjoyed this article and found it very informative and helpful! Right now I’m a registered nurse, but I always find myself trying to coach my patients in a way that nurses just aren’t on the platform to do.
    My dream is to start a coaching business, and after brainstorming, I’ve come to the conclusion that I absolutely LOVE talking about the following with anyone who will listen, and can’t get enough of giving advice on the same: Law of attraction, self-transformation, self-empowerment, following your passion, abandoning limiting beliefs, increasing your self-worth, re-vamping your personal image, goal setting, finding peace within yourself through holistic practices.

    Any ideas on how I could put this all (or at least, some) together to form a cohesive and inclusive name for the niche I’d be choosing?

    Thanks so much!!

    • Benay

      Hi Lexi.

      I was just responding to a new comment on this blog post saw that you posted in 2018 AND I DIDN’T RESPOND… !

      So sorry about that.

      What did you end up doing? Are you still nursing? Are you a passion and purpose coach?

      Update please!

  6. Marla

    Hi getting into becoming a life coach ; but I want to do it as work life balance and stress management so what should I call what I do for both

  7. Teirrany Bledsoe

    My niches cross from helping gospel music artists to teaching etiquette for children. How do I find a common ground?

    • Benay

      Great Question Teirrany. When you are starting out and building a name for yourself as a coach, you’ll be most effective when you focus on one thing. So, I’d suggest choosing one. Once you have a profitable busienss that you love, and if you have capacity to start another niche, then do that. xox – B

  8. Quadri Morin

    I have decided to focus on helping Creative Individuals (Writers, Artist and entrepreneurs) develop their idea, get unstuck, improve motivation and confidence. Is this good for a start or do you have could you assist me with a professional suggestion?

  9. Yaşam Koçu

    I read and I like this article. Thank you so much 🙂

  10. Janice Ford

    I really appreciate this list. I have practiced as a general life coach but seem to attract more women wanting to start their own businesses but need to push to start and the motivation to stick with it.

    • Benay

      Sounds like the universe is sending you a message Janice! If you don’t have a signature program (a step by step process) or helping women start their business, I’d suggest working on that. Really helps with motivation.
      Happy Coaching!

  11. Nancy

    my niche for starting a coaching business would be (Spirituality and Life Skills). However, I am not sure how to connect the two into a business name. Do you have any ideas of how I can connect the two niche into a business name.

    Thank You,

    • Benay

      Hi Nancy. Congratulations on starting your coaching business – it’s such an exciting time!

      I don’t believe the business name is really that important. I changed my business name four times in my first 3 years while I was settling on my niche and developing my coaching skills.

      So my advice is to not get hung up on the name. Choose something and start coaching.

      If no name comes to you, then use your name.

      Good luck!

  12. Caren Robinson

    There are also these categories:

    Transitional Life Coach
    Disability Life Coach
    Brain Injury Recovery Life Coach
    Neuro-cognitive Life Coach


    • Benay

      Nice additions – Thank you Caren! – B

    • Benay

      Thanks Caren! We’ll get these added in! – B

  13. Yassmine

    Hi Benny!

    I am considering shifting careers and becoming a coach. But I can’t choose the specific niche that would benefit from my knowledge.

    I work as sales engineer in Real estate industry and I also study marketing. I have volunteering experience in coaching speakers on public speaking skills, in addition to volunteering experience on social entrepreneurship.
    I’m considering being a public speaking coach for executives and pitching coach for entrepreneurs. what do you think? and how shall I start since I have professional experience of 3 years only?

    Thank you,


    • Benay

      Hi Yassmine – thank you for your question! Exciting times ahead for you!

      If I were you I’d get a few gigs in the space you are thinking about (public speaking coach for executives and pitching coach for entrepreneurs). Keep your job while you test out the waters and get a feel for how you like the work.

      Having professional experience of 3 years is a great leg up! Just make sure you are pitching at people with 0 years experience – as long as you keep expanding your skills set they can’t catch up to you 😉

      I hope this helps. If you have more questions, join my Facebook group for Online Coach Entrepreneurs and post your questions. I’m in there several times a week to help where I can.

      Happy Coaching!

      P.S. Just sent you an invitation to the FB group 🙂

  14. Peace Kabera

    I wanna start a life Coaching business but I don’t know where to begin to get the business of the ground.

    • Benay

      Hi Peace. Have you done any training yet? If not, I’d start there. And once that’s under your belt, get 200 hours of experience under your belt. That will probably be a mix of pro bono and paid coaching. Once you reach the 200 hours mile stone, you have a good idea of the type of people you like to work with and if you even enjoy the work. I could go into more but without knowing your situation it’s a bit tricky. I’d be happy to book you in for a coaching/mentoring conversation. Just send me a message on my contact page if you are interested. Happy Coaching! – Benay

  15. anjum yousuf

    I loved the list it gave e so much clarity on why I keep reading and learning about different things and somehow they are all interconnected. I have been learning about NLP, yoga , nutrition, exercise, life skills and spirituality. I have figure out how to incorporate them.

    • Benay

      Anjum, I believe the future of coaching is going to be a more holistic approach (like the subjects you are studying) that combines many modalities to more completely serve our clients. Seems that you are onto something wonderful! -B



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