I’ve always been really impressed by coaches who combine multiple tools or modalities with coaching to help their clients. I find that kind of alchemy can be hugely transformational.

This passion of mine has got me learning, researching, and exploring all sorts of tools and methodologies. Occasionally, I get so excited by one that I even try it out myself.

Right now I am getting extraordinary results from a combination of tools including; Mindfulness, Mediation, Gratitude, NLP questioning and timeline, Passion Mapping, Body Code & Emotion Code (heart-wall healing), and Family Constellation work (trauma healing).

My research and experimentation over the past several years has been a fast-track to a new level of awakening for me. It has also extended my capacity to help my clients, friends and family when I can see gaps that traditional coaching doesn’t quite reach. Now I have a vast referral network who can cover all the bases.

Extra Tools in Your Tool Box

As a coach you are among the first responders for people in a world that’s shifting. In this transition you’re going to need extra tools in your tool belt to enable you to help create lasting change.

I’ve been documenting my findings on 15 Tools that Compliment and Expand Your Coaching in a periodical for Coaches called, The Coach Guardian and since Universal Coaching Systems is all about coaching tools I thought it made good sense to cross reference them here in this blog.

Expand your coaching tool box by learning a complementary modality.
lick the links for each tool/modality to learn more and get started.


Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

The Emotion Code & The Body Code

Voice Creatures

Passion Maps™

Family Constellations

Mindful Yoga

Holistic Life Coaching & Healing

How to Measure Self Love Using Muscle Testing


Embodiment: An Essential Tool for Coaches

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Psychological Astrology as a Tool for Coaches

Divorce Coaching

Introduction to Neurocoaching