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Ready to Create Your Signature Program?


This is the perfect time to write your signature program and get it online.

I know plenty of coaches, mentors, trainers and counselors are on this wavelength right now and are scrambling to get started.

The good news is that I’ve been helping coaches with their signature programs for years!

I know the pitfalls you’re likely to experience and can hopefully guide you to navigate around them – so, you end up with a program that your ideal clients want to buy.

It takes more work than you’d think to get your signature program off the ground but it’s worth it!

Predictable Outcomes – Sell

I wrote my first signature program, The Pathfinder Program, in my very first year as a coach. It was one of the best things I did for my coaching business that year, because all of the sudden, rather than selling a set of 3/6/12 coaching sessions – with vague outcomes – I had a tangible system – with predictable outcomes to sell. Prospects loved it.

Having my own Signature Program changed the way I did business forever!

The Signature Program is the First Step

Since then, I’ve developed many signature programs for my own business and for partners. I’ve also mentored over 80 coaching businesses, from diverse niches, specifically on defining their unique coaching process and turning it into a signature program.

In that time, I’ve learned much about what is needed in this space to be successful. From how to actually do it, to how to be sure it will sell, to breaking through your own fears/blocks around being good enough, to how to attract and convert your first customers.

And now I’m sharing my 12 years experience in Signature Program Design and 20 years in experience communications and user experience design with through my, How to Create Your Signature Program, online course.

Your transformational work enables me to make a global impact.

You do more than help build signature programs Benay. Your transformational work enables me to make a global impact. I’m honored to work with you. Yes, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Kimberly Elahab

Childhood Abandonment Recovery Coach, The Soulful Healing Coach

#1 Mistake made when signature programs go online

People expect to map out a signature program,  put it online TOMORROW and make tons of money.

Flow through 3 phases.

Phase 1 – How to Conduct Basic Research

These lessons give you my full roadmap for how to do quick effective market research so you can create a program that you know people want. AND if your idea isn’t gonna’ fly – you’ll find that out up front (before investing too much into it)!

My students have always found that these two particular lessons really light your fire for writing your signature program. They offer really simple steps that you can do fast, that fuel your inspiration.

The course includes 2x 25 min video lessons and 2x 1 hr Recorded Q&A Calls.

Phase 2 – How to Create Your Offer

Test your concept in the market place. This step builds your confidence in sales conversations and ultimately saves you heaps of time. You discover what you need to change (if anything) about your program (and pricing) before investing too much time and effort creating training materials. Templates and scripts are provided.


Map out your content, design your prrogram package, set your price validate.

Phase 3 – How to Pilot Your Program

By the end of the course you are ready to invite the interested people from the validation phase on to a Discovery Call. You’ll have your sales page, client on-boarding process, and lesson plans all mapped out so you are ready to get students started. Templates and scripts are provided.

Onboarding and runing discovery calls

Massive Transformation for Your Coaching Business

Course Outcomes

  • A renewed connection with your ideal clients.
  • A sales page for your signature program.
  • Complete client on-boarding process.
  • Tool, templates and scripts to kick-start each phase in the course.
  • A successful signature program that you feel confident and excited about.
  • A successful signature program that your ideal clients LOVE to buy.
  • Ideally, you will sell at least one signature program while you are still in the course*.
*I want you to make your money back on this investment ASAP. If you follow the steps, and do the work, you could easily be selling your program by the end of the course.

The value this program delivers is more than what it cost me and I would pay it again.

“The value that this program delivers is more than what it cost me and I would pay it again.

I have become more confident talking about my pricing for my program as my ideal clients state what they would pay based on the transformation it delivers. Not only that, I have gotten feedback that “this is solid” “someone who understands me”.

This feedback has made this, once upon a time, shy and hidden woman, who lacked belief in herself, allow the business woman, the brilliant woman that I am meant to share with the world and with my tribe, to emerge.

I encourage you to do the work. Coaching is not a job, It is a calling. It is a way of life. Be encouraged to keep moving no matter how slow or steady, keep going.

Benay, You are genius at what you do. Keep showing up delivering transformation for those you are meant to serve.”

Lynn George

Empowering Introvert Women to Comfortably Connect

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