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You know, as a coach, you need a financially successful signature program that you are known for and your clients LOVE to buy, right?

Don’t Get Lost in the Crowd

If you don’t have your signature program done yet and you let this problem linger for too long you will continually struggle to build your coaching business, working long hours and your income will eventually plateau.

This is because coaches are pouring into the market right now with no sign of stopping.

If you don’t stand out as one of the GO-To Experts for a specific client group, with a guaranteed fix to a specific problem, you will be lost in the crowd.

How to Stand Out

You need a successful signature program that…

Positions you as the authority.

Your ideal clients LOVE to invest in.

Guarantees transformation for your clients.

Is priced right, with the best components for our rapidly changing economy.

That’s why I created this course

Successful Signature Program is an innovative process that user-tests and creates at the same time, while using the most up to date trends and predictions for the coaching industry.

So, by the end of the course you’ll know with certainty that what you build will not only transform lives but will sell too.

I’ve been teaching coaches how to set up their online coaching empires for the past 5 years and I’ve always included a module on signature programs which I am now blowing up into its own course. Thanks to popular demand I am now blowing up this module into its own more focused training course. This new deep-dive style means students can focus all of their study time into this one project and get their home run, and income, a whole lot faster!

Tangible results.

This is the first coaching program that has brought me tangible results I loved the mentoring and feedback elements. This added tremendous value to Benay’s overall program. I’m glad I trusted my gut instincts and signed up!!

Beverley Anderson

Business Coach, Business Boost Expert

Gained the clarity I needed.

“I have really enjoyed working with Benay. Her program is very well structured and I have loved the 1:1 sessions with her. She is very talented when it comes to accountability and making sure you are moving forward. NGPD has helped me gain the clarity I needed given I was repositioning my business. I now have a clearly defined ideal client, a clear offer and pricing structure and a website reflecting all of that. Thank you so much Benay!”

AnYes van Rhijn

Life and Business Success Mentor,

Innovative and Intimate

By connecting with coaches who were stuck getting signature programs into the world, I’ve learned so much about what is needed in this space to be successful. From how to actually do it, to how to be sure it will sell, to breaking through your own fears/blocks/unconscious procrastination strategies.

Successful Signature Program is a 6-week online training and group mentoring program that will help you create your signature program that you will be thrilled to deliver, you get known for and that your ideal clients will LOVE to buy.

You’ll be teamed up with a group of 5-10 coaches who are on the same journey. You will get to know each of your team members and be encouraged and inspired by their stories.

I will facilitate every meeting and training in my hands-on, no BS, total belief in you style.

Plus, I’ve invited in a few of my friends/mentors, who are Master Practitioners in their own niches, to work with you as well. These experts include my own business mentor, a best-selling author on business messaging AND a master healer.

You are going to experience so much wisdom and get totally connected up!

Massive Transformation for Your Coaching Business

Course Outcomes

I want to make sure this course delivers transformation for your coaching business.

So, I’ve packed in a whole lot of special greatness for you.

Here is what you get…

  • Tools and systems to help you stay focused and on top of everything
  • The empathy and understanding required to magnetize your ideal clients to your signature program
  • A successful signature program that you are confident will deliver the transformation your ideal clients have invested in
  • A successful signature program that your ideal clients will LOVE to buy
  • A successful signature program that incorporates the essential components and pricing models that succeed in our ever changing economy
  • A kick-butt title for your signature program (I’m bringing in a best-selling author and master communicator to mastermind with you on this!)
  • The confidence and support that you can do this – of course it will require work but it can be fun and deeply rewarding – your work is essential and makes an important difference to the planet.

Course Timeline (March 2018)

Since my clients are mainly based in the US, Canada and Australia, I’ve included both dates for your viewing pleasure.
Below, the first date is for the US and Canada / the second date is for Australia.

1/2 March – Orientation (Group Call)

8/9 March Group Coaching

15/16 March – Group Coaching

22/23 March – Group Coaching

29/30 March – Live Master Class

5/6 April – Live Master Class

12/13 April Live Master Class

Successful Signature Program

Registration is now CLOSED.

The next course starts 1 March 2018 and is limited to 15 participants.

Book in for a Discovery Call to reserve your spot.


Book Discovery Call

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