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Don’t Bother with New Year’s Resolutions (with Melanie Spears)

by | Jan 3, 2020 | Coach Pep Talk

I LOVE Melanie Spears!

She’s best known and loved around the world for her bestselling Gratitude Diary, but she’s also a transformational teacher, healer and leader. A POWER HOUSE to keep your eye on!

She and I have been cooking up some wonderful things together for the past few months. And I have to say that working with Melanie has been a revelation for me personally.

She’s a business woman who works in a feminine way – that I admire. She’s creative, spontaneous, powerful, and gets results. But the biggest stand-out for me has been is how she’s totally at home with authentic self expression – she accepts emotions (hers, mine and everyone else’s) – without judgement. It’s so freeing to work in total transparency, love and mutual respect. Don’t you think?!

In this EPISODE of Coach Pep Talk, Melanie and I talk about New Years Resolutions, specifically why she thinks they don’t work and what we should be doing instead.


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