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Finding Your True Calling as a Coach (with Simone Leslie)

by | Sep 20, 2019 | Coach Pep Talk

Simone Leslie is among many things a Neuro Strategist, Author and Presenter. In her private coaching, she is known for ability to facilitate massive Breakthroughs.

I first saw Simone on stage and was instantly blown away by her SHINE! Straight away I knew, this woman has major gifts to share with us! So, I got up the courage and asked her if she would share her journey of how she got to be the coach she is today.

It turns out that Simone was not born knowing her calling, in fact, far from it! She has a beautiful hero’s journey about how she found it.

She’s written a book about her journey, which documents the series of Revelations she had on her path of self discovery and ultimately self love titled, “ It’s OK to be Beautiful, Heavenly Whispers to a Broken Heart”.

It is my sincere hope that this interview will find the coaches who are feeling lost and are on the verge of giving up. May you find wisdom and inspiration to stay on your quest and to awaken to your true calling.


Get a copy of Simone’s Book of Revelations, It’s OK to be Beautiful, Heavenly Whispers to a Broken Heart…1568953537&sr=8-1

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