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Sales Funnels Demystified (with Marlon Marescia)

by | Sep 9, 2019 | Coach Pep Talk

Do you keep hearing about “Sales Funnels” but aren’t quite sure what they are?

Or maybe you know a little but want to understand them at a deeper level so you can use them to help you convert your ideal prospects into paying clients?

I’ve recently interviewed one of my all time favorite marketing guys , Marlon Marescia, who is a heart driven marketer.

That’s marketing that delivers tangible value so it’s a win win situation for the coach and for the prospect.


Marlon is a digital marketing strategist with a specialization in Facebook Advertising and websites that make sales.

I have shared the online stage with Marlon in more than a dozen trainings and have also hired him to help me in my business.

Basically – I vouch for him – he’s AMAZING!

In this EPIC interview Marlon gives you the low down on Sales Funnels.

We know Sales Funnels can be overwhelming, especially when all you want to do is coach so we’ve done our best to strip away the noise and the BS and give it to you as straight as we currently know how to.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this podcast episode:

– What a sales funnel is
– Why you need at least on as a coach
– How you go about setting up a sales funnel
– When’s the best time
– Can you outsource

– and WAY MORE


Learn more about Marlon @

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