Marlon Marescia

Facebook Ads for Coaches (with Marlon Marescia)

by | Aug 26, 2018 | Coach Pep Talk

Marlon Marescia is a consultant, trainer and speaker specialising in Facebook advertising. In this episode, he talks about why most people fail with FB ads and gives coaches 3 tips to get the most from your Facebook Ad spend .

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Benay: [00:00:00] Hi I’m Benay Dyor, the Coach Guardian and welcome to another episode of Coach Pep Talk, the podcast for people who run their own coaching businesses. Each week I talk to an expert who shares wisdom that helps us be better coaches and better coaching business owners. This week I’ve got Marlon Marescia on the line talking to us all about the power of Facebook Ads for coaches. So see you on the other side.

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Benay: [00:01:09] I’d like to introduce you to Marlon Marescia the founder of Marlin and I first met because we were both attending the same half day workshop. We started talking about what we did and I talked about my business a little. He talked about his. And the way he just lit up and was so informative about Facebook Ads, I knew that I had to interview him for my podcast. And it turns out we’re doing lots of other work together now as well. He is just amazing and I am an incredibly honoured and grateful to have him on the show today and to share his expertise with you. Enjoy.

Benay: [00:01:44] Hello Marlon and welcome to the show.

Marlon Marescia: [00:01:47] Hi Benay, thanks for having me.

Benay: [00:01:48] I’m so excited to have you here today. I know that this is going to be one of the best episodes ever. So let’s get into it shall we?

Marlon Marescia: [00:01:58] Yes, well thank you! I hope we live up to that.

Benay: [00:02:00] I’m sure we will, looking at the outline I’ve got in front of me We’ve got some awesome stuff we’re going to cover and some really good old gems for my audience, so I’m very excited. Okay so let’s kick off with this, because I love it when you told me this story because we were first talking. I asked you what made you fall in love with Facebook ads of all things, and then you told me us like this really cool story. And I just would love for you to be able to share that with listeners.

Marlon Marescia: [00:02:27] Yeah well yeah. Look I love telling the story because it was really my life from a very long time and I was a sales and marketing manager of a software development company. I had that role for twelve years and I’ve always been a believer in Facebook Ads, and also in digital marketing. But the problem I had during that twelve years was digital marketing really didn’t work for me. And I believed that it would work one day but it never really worked. And so what happened is that over that period I inherited the marketing team and the sales team and I couldn’t blame sales for not converting my leads, and I couldn’t blame marketing for giving me bad leads. I was Responsible for both. So I had to answer to the management of the company when weren’t doing well. And it was only about three or four years before I left that role where everything changed for me. We used to hold events in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, ah that’s in Australia, their major cities. and We were struggling to fill those events with two or three people. And that was awful for me because I had a marketing team that was really working hard to fill it, fill those events. And it was really disappointing when you’re trying to give credibility to ring three people up and say, actually, no one wanted to come to our event. And the marketing team was upset, the Sales guys were upset and I just was really low. it Was really a low point in my career and I tried everything to get us out of that hole. And then we discovered Facebook Ads. And for the first year it didn’t work. It was just like everything else that didn’t work for us. And then we figured out how to build a Facebook funnel and everything changed. When we got that right, we went from struggling to fill events and only getting 3 registrations per state, to getting to 80 to 120 registrations. and I went from zero to hero. People were high fiving me and I was excited and that’s when I fell in love with Facebook Ads, it really changed my life. And after 12 years I’ve decided to leave and become a Facebook Ads consultant, because I saw the power in Facebook Ads. And you know what, it didn’t just work in that business. It now has worked in a whole lot of businesses that I’ve worked with and business coaches are the ones benefiting hugely from Facebook ads.

Benay: [00:04:54] Wow that’s such an amazing story. It’s incredible. So I guess the example that you’re setting here is this stuff really works when you know what you’re doing. And I remember the first time you told me the story too, you said that it’s not only that you’ve figured it out how to work, but like that company that you left how many ever years ago is still using that same ad campaign, is that right?

Marlon Marescia: [00:05:16] Yes, so there’s a girl there. I… I shouldn’t say this but one day I’d love to employ her. I’m very good friends with the CEO still, but she’s amazing. And she was my protégé and I’m really proud of what she became. And she’s been running those ads, she’s been running that funnel ever since I left but she hasn’t changed anything. Which I’m a bit disappointed with, but they just feel events every three months. They’re running events and they’re filling them using that same funnel. They turn them on at three months ahead of the event and they turn it off and the events fill up and they’ve seen huge success. And I have access to the camp and I see there’s no changes there. And they’re doing very well and so I’m very proud, but also feel like they’re still living off a little bit of my glory.

Benay: [00:06:09] But I mean that’s so awesome and that really resonated with me because I know that especially my audience, you know Coach change makers, they you know, some of them are just still in those early stages of kick starting their business, they don’t have a whole lot of time to dedicate to their Facebook campaigns once they’ve got it set up. So this idea that you can just inject some money and actually use the same campaign and get the leads you need to fill your courses You know, for a couple of years for that first investment is like phenomenal.

Marlon Marescia: [00:06:38] Yes yes actually that’s something I probably haven’t told you yet, Benay. But one of the things in my business, I can get a lead booked into to my calendar. So Someone from a Facebook Ad, it gets booked into my calendar with an appointment and today I had one of those appointments and I’ll call them on the phone and they’re ready waiting for me to speak to them for an hour. So it cost me 45 dollars to get a lead like that booked into my calendar. so I don’t like calling them leads, I like calling them bookings, a lead is an e-mail address. This is a booked appointment and my conversion rate is 10%. So if I get 10 of these leads, Ill convert one, and so cost me about 450 dollars to get one new client. And for me a client is worth a few thousand dollars a month. And so you can see that through a very low cost compared to what my monthly fee is, I’m able to sign up clients. And last year I ran one of these campaigns and in 30 days I got one leads and I got three new clients. So that just changed my life. You know, when I was able to do that, to win business for myself, it changed everything. and so it was very exciting for me. And Business coaches are able to do the same thing, you know if your booking strategy calls you would use a method very similar. And you know if you could get a booking for $45 and you could convert 20% say, better than me, or maybe even 10 percent would be worth it to a coach who is selling a five thousand dollar, ten thousand dollar, or twenty-thousand-dollar course? You guys can do the maths for yourself.

Benay: [00:08:10] Yeah yeah. No that’s just phenomenal. I mean and that’s exactly why I’ve roped you in to be on the Coach Changemakers Academy team, because it’s so amazing and its exactly what coaches need. They need this formula, so they can invest in it, get it all set up and then get those guaranteed results every time they need a fresh batch of bookings, let’s call it instead of leads. So thank you so much for setting the stage there Marlon. So can we talk a little bit about why you feel that Facebook ads is one of the hottest things going for now, right now for coaches to get leads? You know, there are gurus out there kind of saying, oh you know Facebook ads is dead it’s overrun by you know whatever the stories are, but you have a different story and a different take on that. So I just love for you to…

Marlon Marescia: [00:08:57] Yeah, so the reason I love Facebook Ads is because it works for me. Okay so it’s not just my clients, it works for me. But it also works for my clients. but The reason it works, see I’ve never seen a platform, I’ve used them all. And I still use a lot of them. so I do content marketing on YouTube, I have a blog, I do it all. But I get all my clients from Facebook. So all of the other stuff is supporting to build a brand, or to build community but when I want leads I use Facebook. And there’s no other platform that I’ve been able to use, where I can generate the quantity of leads and the quality of leads in such a short timeframe. And I think that’s really key for Small business owners and coaches. It’s can I produce the quantity, can I produce the quality and can I do it in a short amount of time frame? Not three months, or six months, or 12 months, but within days starting to get leads. Within weeks getting an aftermarket conversion. And that’s why Facebook is really good. Why is it so good? Like why can I do that, It’s because they have two billion people on the platform who are totally addicted to the platform. You know there are people now Benay, who actually take a month off Facebook because they are so addicted. They’re trying to control themselves so they deactivate their account for a month. They get their head above water and they go straight back to the same platform. And so everybody loves this platform, they’re totally engaged and so because of that, and they’re looking at it at least 40 minutes a day, they’re scrolling through Facebook on average 40 minutes a day. So you have the attention and if you create the right ad to the right prospect and speak to their pain point they will click, and that’s the power of Facebook and that’s why it’s working so well for so many businesses and coaches.

Benay: [00:10:39] Can we expand on that even more because I know you know, I’ve just been talking to people about Facebook ads of course through the whole Academy process, I’ve been on all these discovery calls and people are loving the idea, but you know every once in a while I’ll get somebody who says oh you know, but I have a really professional audience so I’m thinking maybe I should use LinkedIn instead of Facebook. Do you have a view on that?

Marlon Marescia: [00:11:04] Yeah. I’m a very strong opinion on that because I told you that when I was a sales and marketing manager for 12 years. Well That audience we were in the Microsoft space, so we were a Microsoft Gold Partner, selling software development, you know very high tech industry. Our target markets were CIOs, you know, technology managers in big large companies and we would reach them. But you’ve got to be a little creative sometimes. The way we reached them was we knew that they were always advised by developers and technical people. Okay. And so when they made a decision, it’s hard to get the CIO on Facebook, but we went a level down and we said well the technology people in the company that they get their advice from, can we reach them? And they were easy to reach, all very easy reach because they all gathered around technology topics and so we targeted those people and then we were able to get to the top. So all my initial findings on Facebook was all b to b, no b to c. And I was in a very hard industry and we made it work. And so you know it doesn’t really matter if you’re b to b or b to d on Facebook, people are people. And whether you are an owner of a business or whether you are among them. They’re all on Facebook. You just have to know how to target them.

Benay: [00:12:25] That’s awesome and I think your example there was just perfect. I can see our listener’s mind’s eye ticking over with like Oh okay, how can I apply that to my audience. Okay, well let’s move on to the next question. So there are tons of Facebook gurus out there these days. I subscribed to you know, all these people because I want to see what’s on the market and you know, what how what’s trending right now. I see so many people selling Facebook ads strategy for this and that. And I just really love how you’re like so down to earth and realistic about what you can get and what you can’t get from Facebook. So can you just kind of, before we get into the tips for the day, just set those realistic expectations for Coach change makers who are out there thinking about using Facebook ads to generate leads for their business that’s realistic. What do they need to sort of like, what do they need to stand on? You Know?

Marlon Marescia: [00:13:19] Yes Yes.

Benay: [00:13:20] So give us a real picture of what’s attainable.

Marlon Marescia: [00:13:22] Yeah. So there’s a lot of people out there spruiking Facebook, saying how amazing Facebook Ads is, and how you can build a business of thirty to 80 thousand dollars a month within six to eight weeks.

Benay: [00:13:35] That’s exactly the thing I’m talking about.

Marlon Marescia: [00:13:38] You know what. That’s just not realistic. Now there are people who will do that and you can do that. But typically to do that you have to be amazing at a lot of things. You have to put a lot of money behind it and you have to be a great salesman. and The people doing that are not, They’re not just selling on Facebook they’re actually making phone calls. So a lot of these companies or these digital marketers are still very high ticketed programs through Facebook, They’re actually capturing the phone number and they got a sales team who were calling the people up and then closing the deal on the phone. So when I say it’s unrealistic, I’m saying it’s unrealistic if you’re not willing to pick the phone up and my call. But what they tell you to do is to run ads, build a phone, and make 30K a month or 80K a month. No it doesn’t work like that. So what I tell my clients to do, if you’ve got a small budget to spend on Facebook you can do well. But you’re not going to do well by just capturing someone’s e-mail address, putting them through a really well-developed funnel and at the other end pops the client with no interaction, no phone call, nothing. you Can do that if you had ten thousand a week right? Pushed through heaps of people through your funnel and eventually someone is going to buy your product. But most coaches don’t have that. So my recommendation is this, if you’re being realistic with Facebook, Facebook is amazing at lead generation. But if you want to make sales quickly, then What you need to do is capture the phone number early on and then get on the phone and convert them on the phone. And then you need a smaller budget. But if you want to have a fully automated funnel that has no interaction from you, you need a much bigger funnel. Instead of putting you know 10 leads a month to make one sale, you probably need a hundred leads a month to make a sale, or 200 leads a month to make a sale If it’s an automated funnel because the conversion rates are very very poor. So for example my business, my conversion rate is 10 percent once I get on the phone with them. And I only need 10 leads to make one sale. But if I was trying to do it fully automated with you know webinars where I’d never speak to them, I probably would never make a sale because for someone to hire me they need to speak to me. They need to trust me. And you can’t do that in a way you don’t touch that person.

Benay: [00:16:02] Yeah. Yeah. And that I think…my Prediction for next year is that all of those marketing gurus and everything, they’re going to all be on touting that as the next big thing. Like there will be all these courses coming out and teach you how to get on the phone.

Marlon Marescia: [00:16:20] Well, Benay, can I just say to you that I love a lot of the gurus. I think they’re very good at what they do, but what disappoints me about a lot of them is they do one thing and teach another. So they have the sales teams but they don’t teach the sales team. And you know why? Not because they want to keep it from you. It’s because it’s harder. It’s easier to sell something on a get rich quick scheme kind of program, where it’s easy. People will buy that every day the way. But when you say, you actually got my call. Oh it’s totally different. Now the sales drop down. So what they tend to do is teach what’s easy but not as effective. And so that was disappointing but in saying that you know they’re very good at what they do and I’ve learned a lot of them. But in my business like I told you at the beginning I get a lead, I make a call and I have a 10 percent conversion rate and that’s what works in my business and my client’s businesses.

Benay: [00:17:14] that’s been working in my business too and that’s why I’ve woven this kind of thing, We’ve woven this kind of strategy and the Coach Changemakers Academy because it’s what’s working right now. Anyway I’m not going to go on a tangent with that. There are a couple of things I do want to clarify before we move on. We were talking about the different, like a small budget vs. a big budget and also I’d like to juxtapose, I would like to compare that to different product amount sizes. So like a small, and maybe there it maybe there are two different topics here or maybe you want to talk about them together, I’ll let you decide Marlon, but a small Facebook budget would be like what’s the smallest budget to generate some leads?

Marlon Marescia: [00:18:04] So it depends. So there’s no easy answer but let me give you some numbers that might be able to give you some sort of idea. So typically people start with 10 dollars a day. That’s a nice number people start with. So that’s like 300 dollars a month. Now for 300 dollars a month you’ll get results, but it will take longer. As opposed to if you’re spending a hundred dollars a day, or three thousand dollars a month. So you’ll get it probably 10 times faster. The thing with Facebook is this, the less money you have you’ll get the result but It just takes longer. And the problem that people have is they lose patience and within a week they like this isn’t working and so they shut it down and say Facebook doesn’t work. But if they kept it going. Facebook will eventually reach the right people. It’s finding those people just at a slower rate. So a big issue with small budgets is patience and fight. Believe Facebook is on your side, trying to get you a lead, it’s just going to take longer. But if you’ve got twenty dollars a day to spend well then all of a sudden they put you in a new category and you start to see things a bit faster. So it’s hard for me to say exactly how fast it will come because it depends on your target market and how big your audience is. For example, I had a client that had a very small market, he’s a business coach and he only dealt with people that own sporting businesses in Australia. And that’s a very small audience you know, a squash court, a gym, a karate studio, Pilates studio, there’s not a lot of business owners like that. And so we created this campaign for where we targeted each one and I think in like a 30-day period he got 30 leads, it was like a lead a day and he had like you know, a 10% conversion rate as well, but he only spent about 10 dollars a day. So he spent about 300-350 to get those leads. But you know, one day isn’t kind of what you’d expect or what you really want but when you think about it, there was a phone number with each lead, and he got to call every single person up. And that’s how he made the sale. So obviously with me I want people to spend as much as they can afford because the results will come a bit quicker and they’ll give you a bit more confidence quicker. But the reality is a lot of business coaches don’t have a huge amount of money to spend. And so if you don’t what you do is you say how much do I have to spend every month, and then you allocate that, and then you have faith and have patience. Facebook is working very hard to make that money work for you; it will Just take a little bit longer.

Benay: [00:20:44] And for you know for that ten dollar a day sort of budget, what product price do you think is worth it to invest that? Is there a rule of thumb in your experience?

Marlon Marescia: [00:20:57] Yeah look I would look if you ask me how much is the minimum a coach should spend; I would say it’s probably 20 dollars a day right? But that’s a good number. you Could do with 10, I just told you a client that did it with 10, but we built a very good campaign. I spent a lot of time building their campaign, so every dollar was highly optimized. But if you’re doing for yourself the first time, you may not get it as optimized in the beginning so you just spend a little bit more money so you can reach more people. When you talk about how much the course costs, the rule of thumb in the industry, it’s not me saying this, but a lot of people in the industry say that if you are, have a product that’s less than 2000 you couldn’t sell that online in a webinar. If you have something more than 2000 you need to sell that with a phone call. Now getting the lead, whether it’s an online sale or phone calls sale that’s more than 2000, It’s the same process. It doesn’t change. what Changes… Sorry it’s the same lead generation process so you run the same campaign, what changes drastically is what you do once you get the lead. So do you sell them on a webinar, and you have a lower conversion rate, or do you sell them on the phone and hopefully have a higher conversion rate. So I don’t know if that answers the question, Benay?

Benay: [00:22:15] Yeah, perfect, its perfect. So I mean coaches can do their numbers but you probably wouldn’t be selling a 500-dollar course and paying you know 300 dollars a week to get Facebook ads because you probably aren’t going to get on the phone to be selling 500 of course. Is that…?

Marlon Marescia: [00:22:33] Yeah. Yeah so. So what I would say is if you’ve never sold your 500-dollar course before, then you should be getting on the phone and making some sales. Like get on the phone, sell it, you’re obviously going to lose money but you’re going to get some clients and then you can put your price up. So I would encourage that, but long term that’s not going to work.

Benay: [00:22:51] Exactly.

Marlon Marescia: [00:22:52] So, Long term you can’t you know, be on the phone selling a 500-dollar course. You need to be selling something a lot bigger than that. But if you’re starting out, I would encourage you to get on the phone, because when you’re the phone you can say to people like, why aren’t you buying? What’s your main problem? And what I love about getting on the phone is that if I get a hundred leads with my phone numbers I could lie to myself and say, wow you’re going to be rich. You’ve got A hundred people that are gonna buy your product. Well in reality one might buy a product, but I don’t know because I’ve never spoken to them. But if I get, I’d much rather get 10 email addresses with phone numbers I can call every person and I can say, Marlon you’ve got one sale not 10. And so now I’m not lying to myself, I’m not building a business that’s not real. So that’s why the phone numbers so important to me because then you make the call, you learn something. You realize they’re not a real client and you move on.

Benay: [00:23:45] Yeah especially for coaches who are just kick starting their business, I mean to get out there and engage with your ideal clients as much as possible.

Marlon Marescia: [00:23:53] Yes.

Benay: [00:23:54] That’s like that’s the number one I think best thing you can do. I didn’t used to think that, in my olden days when I first started in 2009 I was all about passive income and automation, but now times are changing, the market is flooded, you’ve gotta connect, you’ve got to build that personal relationship or people aren’t going to hire you, because their gonna go hire somebody else who will actually get on the phone and talk to them.

Marlon Marescia: [00:24:12] Yes.

Benay: [00:24:13] Yeah. And you just learn so much. All your products become all that much better your marketing material becomes more targeted. It’s like the number one best thing you can do. We’ve got to get to the tips, Marlon!

Marlon Marescia: [00:24:24] Okay.

Benay: [00:24:24] You’ve given us way too much gold already! Let’s see if we can breeze through these. You’ve got three excellent tips for us for selling on Facebook. Especially if you’ve got a small budget. What’s that first one you’d like to share with us?

Marlon Marescia: [00:24:37] So What I recommend is that people build a Facebook funnel. And what a Facebook funnel is it’s a series of three ads that you show to people in sequence. So anyone who watches the video on your first ad or clicks the first ad and goes to your website, you can retarget them with the second ad. And depending on how they interact with their second ad, you can then show them a third ad. And that’s what a Facebook funnel is. and Facebook is the only platform that allows you to build a funnel on the platform. There’s no other platform that does that and the power of it is that it typically takes seven to nine touch points, they say, for someone to make a buying decision. On Facebook you can pretty much create almost half the points just on Facebook. So the businesses that are doing really well on Facebook are the ones who retarget, who build a Facebook funnel, as opposed to showing one ad to your audience. And then when that ad doesn’t work, you don’t get sales or leads, you give up, and you say well Facebook doesn’t work. What you don’t realize is that you just abandoned your investment into Facebook. You’ve abandoned those people because Facebook remembers who the people it interacted with and now you can take that initial investment and then use that to actually you know, get a return on that investment. Does that make sense, Benay?

Benay: [00:25:58] That makes so much sense and I love that. I mean I definitely have to put my hand up and you know, I’ve put you know, several hundred dollars into Facebook ad and said Oh Facebook doesn’t work for my business. So but I never did this three pronged approach with a Facebook funnel. Okay, so what’s the second tip you have for us Marlon?

Marlon Marescia: [00:26:15] The second tip is how you write your ad. So there is a formula that I use and there’s a few different types of formulas. The formula that I like is when you write the copy for your ad, you need to create an ad that speaks to one person with one problem and offer them one solution. So general ads don’t speak to anyone. When you think about it, Facebook enables you to target a specific type of person. They could be a mother who has a child between 0-5, who earns over 150000 dollars a year, who loves David Bowie. Okay so if you’re speaking to someone that specific, then in the end you should call them out. So you should call them out in the first line that says something like, are you a mother with children who just don’t want to read? But want them to read before they go to school? So can you see, Benay, how that question kind of relates to that person I just described?

Benay: [00:27:13] Yes except I don’t get the David Bowie connection, Marlon. Ha-ha

Marlon Marescia: [00:27:17] I don’t even know why I say David Bowie. I think it’s cool. I have never heard of this so there’s no connection to David Bowie.

Benay: [00:27:26] Ok good.

Marlon Marescia: [00:27:26] So that’s what you want to do. You target people on Facebook, with a very specific prospect. And in the first line, you ask them a question. You basically say, are you this person with this problem? Are you a mother that has a child under five that you want to read? And then the second part, the second line you actually build the pain. Then you say something like, are you sick and tired of sitting down with your child to read and they’re just so fidgety and they jump up and they don’t want to concentrate. So you’re building the pain there. And then you offer a solution. You say, do you know it’s possible to sit down with a child and have them enjoy sitting with you and reading and then you offer a solution. You say you know, we have a program that’s been tested with a thousand kids and we’ve been able to help kids read before they go to Kindergarten, they are using this program. Okay. So we start out with the question, you build the pain, then offer a solution and then you have a call to action. Click here to download, you know, the six tips to help your child read before the age of 5.

Benay: [00:28:33] It sounds like an Awful lot to fit on a little tiny ad, what am I missing here?

Marlon Marescia: [00:28:37] So this is the thing with an ad, they shouldn’t be little and tiny all the time. Sometimes they should be. But the amount of content that I had in there is called a short format. And so there’s long form as well. Long form where you write 800 words or 600 words. They’re very hard to write. But the short form is what I just said. So with an ad, if you don’t call out the prospect, and if you don’t identify the pain point, and then offer a solution, no one is going to click on your ad. And so in your ad, you can do that very quickly if You can hit those pain points quickly. Or you can do it more long form. But the important thing is that you hit those pain points. So remember, its call out your prospect, name the pain point, build the pain a little, offer a solution and then have a call to action. There’s like four or five parts to that process. And if you use that template to write an ad, you will have significantly more success.

Benay: [00:29:38] Wonderful. That is just gold. Okay, Tip 3.

Marlon Marescia: [00:29:43] Okay. It’s a Tip three is not so much about Facebook ads, but it’s a bit of Marlon speaking to my friends, how to reach success. Right? because I Do lots of Facebook marketing meet ups in Australia and I just love the people in these groups and I kind of treat them like my family and typically every couple of times, I’ll say hey guys you hear me speak a lot about Facebook, you know what to do because I tell you what to do, Reality is you’re probably not going to do it. And the reason is because of this, it’s called the five ones and it was, I learned it off a coach called Taki Moore, and the five ones is this, if you want to be successful this is five steps you have to go through. Number one, you need to pick a prospect or a target market who you know that you can help them solve their problem. you Know 100 percent have total confidence that you can help them. Number two, you need to then create a solution that you know solves that pain point and that’s probably a coaching program if you’re a coach. Step three, you need to have a conversion tool that you get really good at. So for me my conversion tool is a phone call. It’s a two-step phone call. Two phone calls I have and the more I do that the better I get and I get advice and coaching to improve how I perform on that call. Some of you it might be a webinar, that actually does the conversion, especially if your selling something under 2000 dollars. But you get some coaching around that. You get really good at it. You become the best webinar converter there is. And the next step is to find one traffic source. So it’s one prospect, one product that you can help them with, one conversion to the converts them. Then the next one is one traffic source that you know can deliver leads or traffic to generate the leads to make the conversions. For me that’s Facebook. I’ve tried everything and I’m just telling you one friend to another that Facebook is the best way to generate leads at a low cost, at a high quality in our short time frame. But what you need to do is get really good at it. And finally you need to do it all for you. so for one year just get really good at those four things. so Continually identify that prospect really dig deep into who that person is. Improve your course. Get really good at converting them and get amazing at running Facebook ads that generate leads, and do it for you. So what most people do, Benay, is this, they will get really excited about Facebook ads, they’ll try it a little bit, they’ll get a bit bored. They’ll hear about content marketing. And then their off and then do the content marketing and they just drop Facebook ads. And they never give themselves the opportunity or the privilege of becoming amazing at something that can drive their business forward. So what I want you to do is to focus. And get really good at this one thing. And then when you get good at it, then you can move to another traffic source, or move to another product. But do the five ones and do them consistently, do them for you. And that’s how my little tip on how to grow your business over the next 18 months. Sorry 12 months.

Benay: [00:33:06] Awesome. So the fifth one is to be consistent for a year with all of the first four. Is that a correct interpretation?

Marlon Marescia: [00:33:17] Yeah. So and that’s the key. You know those four points you know, choose a target market, create an amazing product for them, learn how to convert them, and then have a traffic source that continually gives you new leads. You’ve gotta to do all of that. If you don’t do it for a year consistently you’ll never actually crack it. So I always say, there’s a term that I used and that my friends in the industry use, which is called cracking the funnel. So when you crack the funnel is when the leads start flowing. But to crack the funnel can take a little while to get it working. But once you crack it the leads just flow. Most people never crack it, because they give up or they get distracted or there’s a next new shiny object on the horizon. And what I’m trying to say is stay committed. and it may not be Facebook ads for you. It might be YouTube, it might be content marketing, it might be social media updates, it might be something else, or whatever it is. Just be consistent and give yourself the privilege, the joy of becoming amazing and generating leads for your business and your sales.

Benay: [00:34:20] Marlon, You’ve given us so much wonderful information and wisdom. Thank you so much for your time today I really appreciate it.

Marlon Marescia: [00:34:32] I really enjoyed it Benay, I’ve really enjoyed talking, I love talking about Facebook ads and I like what you do and it’s been great spending the time with you.

Benay: [00:34:40] So I know that there are going to be some listeners who are just dying to learn more about you and your work and maybe check out some of your YouTube channel, or your videos, or webinars that you’ve got going right now. Where’s the best place people can go if They want to sort of get to know you a little bit better?

Marlon Marescia: [00:34:54] Best thing you can do is if you go to my website, so And over there You’ll see a webinar where I’ll go into a lot of depth about this media and give you a fuller overview of what you can do with Facebook ads and how powerful it really is. And that’s a great way of getting everything I do in an hour and getting all the good bits and that’s kind of what the webinar is all about. And hopefully that will get motivated to do something and then you’ve gotta follow the five-ones, right?

Benay: [00:35:28] Oh yeah I mean that webinar must be so powerful, I mean given how much you’ve told us just in this podcast episode. so Everybody go and check out and you can get even more of this great stuff from Marlon in a whole lot more detail. and I’ll put Marlon’s social media links and a link to the webinar in the show notes as well. All right well I think that wraps it up for today Marlon. Thank you so much again for coming on the show.

Marlon Marescia: [00:35:56] Thanks for having me. Like I said I love what you do and I really enjoyed speaking about Facebook ads with you, so… we will have to do it again maybe one day.

Benay: [00:36:05] Well absolutely I’ve got you booked for the Academy right?

Marlon Marescia: [00:36:08] Yes yes yes yes. We’ll Be doing a lot more together so…

Benay: [00:36:13] Yeah. Okay. Thank you too listeners for listening to the episode. Please go over to ITunes and like the show. That spreads good karma for us and lets other Coach Changemakers out there know that this show exists for them to tap into. Have a great day everyone and happy coaching.

Benay: [00:36:33] Are you a business or life coach has been working on your business for the last year and you just can’t seem to make any progress? You know that you’re called to help people and make a difference in the world. But for some reason you just can’t seem to position and package yourself in a strategic way so that you’re attracting and converting your perfect customers. What I’d like you to imagine is actually having a proven strategy, systems, and the steps that you need to build a sustainable business by the end of the year. Now I’m just wrapping up a coaching program with a group of really switched on coaches and they have just built their strategy and system for success. So because I’m so excited about this work, I’ve put together a checklist with my Academy team with the absolute most valuable steps that were used to help them get their results. And I’d like to give this to you for free, so you can also start your journey to a successful and sustainable coaching business. Now if you’d like to grab a copy of this amazing checklist, I highly recommend that you do, go to my website at and you can grab your copy. I hope you enjoy it.

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