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Instagram to Grow Your Coaching Business (with Michelle McGuire)

by | Nov 28, 2017 | Coach Pep Talk

Michelle McGuire teaches practical tips on using Instagram to spread good karma and create BUZZ about your coaching business.

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Benay: [00:00:00] Welcome to another episode of Coach Pep Talk, the podcast for people who run their own coaching businesses. Each week I talk to an expert who shares wisdom that helps us be better coaches and better coaching business owners. This week I’ve gotten Michelle McGuire on the line and she’s talking to us all about how to use Instagram to grow your coaching business. So I’ll see you on the other side.

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Benay: [00:00:55] I am honored to introduce today’s guest Michelle McGuire of Bossy Girl Media. She is my go to expert in generating leads with social media. I love the way Michelle approaches it by spreading good karma, fun, and entertainment and growing your business at the same time. Today I’ve got her on the line and she’s telling us all about how to get the most out of Instagram to grow your coaching business.

Benay: [00:01:19] Hello Michelle and welcome back to Coach Pep Talk.

Michelle: [00:01:23] Thank you so much for having me back. It’s awesome to be here. I had such a good time last time, I’ve been looking forward to this.

Benay: [00:01:28] Your episode was immensely popular with are my listeners so, yeah of course I want to get you back, and also for selfish reasons, because I have, thanks to you, joined Instagram. And I need to know more about it. And I know that when I’ve been talking in my circles, other coaches are really curious about how to actually leverage Instagram to grow their coaching business and their brand as well. So that’s what we’re going to talk about today, I’m so excited.

Michelle: [00:01:54] Me too. Can’t wait.

Benay: [00:01:56] Okay so for the newbies who don’t even really know what it is, or maybe if they probably heard the word, can you just in a real nutshell just kind of say what is Instagram?

Michelle: [00:02:06] So Instagram started as essentially just a photo sharing app. It was kind of a replacement for Flickr, if anyone’s familiar with Flickr, but it has evolved a lot from there. It has now, obviously like everything else in social media, become a business platform that you need to be taking notice of. But it is highly visual. That’s what you need to remember. So it’s unlike Facebook in the sense of it’s not so much articles that people are scrolling through. You’ve got to grab them with an image, so that is your visual platform. If you think of it that way that’s probably…

Benay: [00:02:39] I like that. Visual. I’m taking notes. So OK so Instagram, everybody photo sharing platform, a visual platform. I think that’s a great little nut shell kind of catch phrase that we can use to sort of differentiate Instagram from the other social media things.

Michelle: [00:02:56] It’s definitely the most visual of the platforms.

Benay: [00:03:00] Excellent. Now, I know that you in the first presentation where I saw you speak Michelle, you gave some great stats about why Instagram is so important for people, especially business owners these days. Could you kind of reiterate that. Why is Instagram some important these days to be active in?

Michelle: [00:03:18] Ok, the number one for you guys to know is that, and this will probably blow your mind because I know when I heard it my socks blew off, it is 54 times as engaging as Facebook. Doesn’t that just make your skirt fly off.

Benay: [00:03:32] Like, woo!

Michelle: [00:03:33] Fifty-four times the engagement. So that’s the only reason you need. If you’re a business owner and you’re not on Instagram you’re wasting that opportunity.

Benay: [00:03:42] Okay. Okay. So that is where people are hanging out. One thing that I’ve found since I’ve you know bravely installed it and just you know start I’ve you know connected with my Facebook friends at first. But it’s really easy to flick through and just like stuff and connect in that little heart kind of way with people. I Like how easy it is to use, Facebook is different and it sucks you in a different way.

Michelle: [00:04:06] Well that’s, it’s not a step, but that you led nicely into the most important reason for businesses to be on Instagram. with Facebook, as You know, your news feed can look quite cluttered and there’s a lot going on there there’s not just the one column. You’ve got all this other stuff. Favorites and groups and everything else. That’s the beauty of Instagram, it’s so simple. All you’re scrolling through is one image after another image after another image. So it’s really simple. So even though you may have exposure to a smaller number of audience members for your business. They are a lot more likely to have exposure to you because it’s such a simple layout. There’s only one thing going on. There’s nothing else distracting them. So that’s the important thing for you guys to think about is, it may be a smaller number but far more engaged than back on Facebook.

Benay: [00:04:53] Ok, yeah and engagement is so important. It is. You know the thing I’m loving about it is I’m able to connect with these people who are you know posting something every day and just like their photo or leave a little comment. Now getting to sort of spread a lot of love and a lot of my energy with people that I just normally wouldn’t have connected with because it would have been too hard so you know it really makes it.

Michelle: [00:05:13] That exactly is the beauty of social media. I think you said something to me when we were talking in the lead up to the show today that really struck home, is that a lot of people say social media is very, or they’ve become very cynical about social media. And it’s all a bit big brother-ish and everyone knows everything about you. Hello Facebook. Some people have become really cynical and what Instagram in particular will give you back is exactly what you’re saying. It reinforces the beautiful social nature of social media. So even though you’re doing it for business, it’s supposed to be relationship building and the heading of conversations, it’s not one sided blasting of stuff. Instagram is beautiful for that because you grab them with an image something beautiful can be a selfie can be whatever. We’ll go into that more a bit later on. But so you grab them with an image and then you got a chance to say something meaningful and get something meaningful in return. Even if it is just a like. But what you’ll find on Instagram if you do it right, is that you actually get more than likes. You’ll get some fantastic comments and feedback from your potential clients, which so valuable. So that’s the beauty of Instagram right there in a nutshell.

Benay: [00:06:23] I know that your tribe, Michelle really leave some nice comments on your post, which were very thoughtful and you know beautiful images of course. Yeah it’s really nice to see and it’s really nice to sort of just be a part of. So I’m really feeling the love in a different way on Instagram that I didn’t really feel before. And um yeah anyway. So let’s get to the next one, we kind of touched on this but let’s maybe we can give a bit of a list. But in your experience what are some of the most common excuses that you’re hearing from business owners about why they’re not on Instagram.

Michelle: [00:06:58] Okay, number one is just that they just really don’t understand it. It’s everyone’s kind of got their head around Facebook now. We’ve had that for a few years, everyone’s worked it out. Instagram just seems to be a bit foreign. I must admit. Even for me. You know I only started using Instagram not so long ago. Because until I was doing social media strategy as a living, I just focused on Facebook because it was all personal stuff and you know everyone got that. So I can totally relate to where people are coming from to it being a little bit foreign. They sort of just think, I don’t even know how that works.

Benay: [00:07:31] Mmm, that was me.

Michelle: [00:07:31] Yeah. It’s a big stumbling block because no one likes to be first on the dance floor, you don’t want to look like you’re the only one out there not knowing what you’re doing.

Benay: [00:07:40] Oh gosh, you should see my first Instagram post, I’m like, I have to post something, it was a very humid day I have this like ‘fro going on in my hair. I’m making the worst face, I didn’t know how to use filters but it’s me making a goofy face with my thumbs up, like I finally did it guys. People had been telling me like for two years, Benay get on Instagram.

Michelle: [00:07:59] It’s an awesome first post because it says everything in it.

Benay: [00:08:02] I’m here, I’ve made it, I’ve done it. I was an Instagram virgin, that is my first shot.

Michelle: [00:08:09] You got to start somewhere.

Benay: [00:08:10] Yeah. But really cool. But I think the cool thing is like actually some of the goofy faces that I’m making and you know when I just kind of let my personality shine. They are really appreciated in that in that forum which is really nice. You know it really nurtures my authentic self which is cool.

Michelle: [00:08:26] And that’s what Instagram is perfect for is just showing some of that behind the scenes personality. This is who I am. This is who you get if you’re gonna work with me stuff that people really want to see. And its fun, and it’s instantaneous, and it’s off the cuff, and it’s much more real than a lot of other social media platforms. I think that’s the big attraction for your potential clients.

Benay: [00:08:47] Yes. Yes.

Michelle: [00:08:48] They could see a different side of you.

Benay: [00:08:50] Very cool. OK. So what as an Instagram a business user yourself. What are some of the cool trends that you’re noticing people doing with Instagram right now?

Michelle: [00:09:02] Well there’s a few and some of them they’re kind of different aspects. I’ll talk first about your Instagram feed which is, when you go on Instagram and you’re looking at what’s essentially the equivalent of your news feed on Facebook, so your seeing one image after another after another from all the different people that you follow. If you click on a user name and you go over to what’s called their feed, which is where you can go back and see all of their posts. And so the feed creates an overall look and feel to their account. and So this, there’s lots of new trends happening in this and you can sort of just pick up what you like and try them yourself and experiment a little bit, because this is the thing, all social media should be a fun experiment. Don’t ever take it too seriously. It is just social media after all. So experiment, have fun. But one of the… There’s a couple of trends in feeds I’ve noticed happening, one of them which I wouldn’t necessarily recommend, I think it’s a bit overdone now, but what people are doing is they’re planning their feeds so they’re choosing color schemes and they might have every second post will be a picture of them doing something and every other second post will be a quote that’s on the same colored background with the same font. So it ends up looking like a checkerboard pattern when you look at their overall feed, which is cute. That’s becoming quite overdone. So that’s the only thing to watch is try it, but you’ll quickly work out what your audience likes and what they don’t. They’ll respond well or not so well to different things that you’re trying. But try everything and see what resonates with you. That’s one, so the checkerboard planning every second post of the selfie, every other post of a piece of advice or a quote or something that’s on like a plain color backgrounds. So That’s one. The other one, which I just tried it actually is quite fun, is that you split one image into either three, six, or nine segments and there’s some free online tools that do this. And then for three, six, or nine posts in a row you’re posting a piece of that image. So what it does is it builds up over a few days. If people start to get what you’re doing they’ll keep coming back to find out what the image is at the end. So mine was of a vintage alarm clock with of course my signature color red on it. And so over nine posts, over three days, I built up the image and it also gives you a good place to go if your words on your post. Because it’s some kind of a theme running through it. So it actually gives you some good prompts of what to talk about. So that’s another trend that’s happening. It’s not as popular, so now is probably a good time to jump in on that one and be one of the early adopters. And then the other one is, it’s a much more real style, so it’s very raw. It looks like there’s absolutely no planning, because some people have just completely rejected planning their feed at all. They’re like, no, I don’t want to do that, it’s not me. Everyone else is doing that. So that’s the other thing you could be completely and utterly off the cuff. And it’s like all social media you have to find what your style is, what resonates with you. Because whatever resonates with you is going to resonate with your potential clients. You know, you have to be yourself all the time. It’s what I say to people. You might sometimes want to be a more polished version of yourself on video for example, but when you doing things like Instagram it’s a chance to be totally off the cuff and really show your personality and weave it in there. So it’s up to you. There’s those three different styles going on right now.

Benay: [00:12:17] Love that. That’s great intel, thank you. OK. How can a coach, and let’s say probably some of our listeners will have been on Instagram for a long time, some of them have not even installed it on their phone yet, some of them maybe are like where I am, I’ve just installed it like a month ago and I’m just kind of posting random stuff? OK. How can a coach really start to benefit, you know, start to actually capitalize on Instagram as an as a business building tool?

Michelle: [00:12:49] So the thing that you need to know about Instagram is when you first get on I think that you’re doing exactly the right thing, you just want to experiment. Put some stuff up there. See how you feel about it and what feels right to you. Then once you’ve been on there for a few weeks and you’ve done some posts, and you sort of got a feel for what you like about it, then you want to start building. So the way that you do this is using hashtags, which I’m sure everyone knows what a hashtag is, but most people when it comes to Instagram are completely lost as to how to use them.

Benay: [00:13:18] That’s me. So yeah let’s hear about hashtags please.

Michelle: [00:13:21] I think; I think it’s a biggie. It’s a very common thing that comes up whenever I’m talking to anyone about Instagram. So number one piece of advice, if you’re there for business and you’re building, which we all are absolutely, absolutely, not negotiable have these hashtags, it is not an option. Well it is, but you won’t get anywhere. So if you want to build, use them.

Benay: [00:13:41] Love it.

Michelle: [00:13:42] Number two thing about hashtags is you have to think of it like keyword research. So when you were all building your websites and you have to do your keyword research So you wanted people to find you on Google. It’s quite similar. So you have to think about, what kind of words are people going to be looking for if they’re looking for my services. Because the hashtags are like your keywords so that’s how you look at them. And if you start to think of it in those terms then you’ll start to build a bit of a strategy for yourself, around what kind of things you want to say with your hashtags and it helps you have the right kind of people find you. It’s about bringing people into you through the hashtags, because people do search for hashtags. They do follow particular hashtags and that is how they’ll find you.

Benay: [00:14:27] Okay. So can you give us some examples. What could be… I don’t know, do you want to take your business, do you want to take a hypothetical coaching business, How and what, um, just some examples of some hashtags are for people who are like brand new to this?

Michelle: [00:14:42] Sure. So if you’re a spiritual guidance coach let’s say and you’re helping people find their inner strength through spirituality or whatever. So you might look at things like you’d sit there and go, Okay, so if I was a person looking for someone who could help me find my inner spiritual Mojo, what would I search for in Instagram or what would I search for on google, similar thing. So you might obviously go for the obvious ones like spirituality and then variations of that word, so spirituality, spiritual, spirit guidance, spirit coach, coaching so you can see that you start to you’ve got some more general ones in there like coach, but then you narrow it down a little bit too, to your type of coaching. So you just have to put your hat on your client or your potential client and start to think what would they be looking for if they were searching for my services on Instagram. And that’s how you start to build your hashtag library. The other thing to know about hashtags is that unlike on Facebook for example, where a few is good but you don’t too many, hashtags on Instagram are to be used, uh, what’s the word I’m looking for, voraciously comes to mind. I’m not sure that’s the word I’m looking for.

Benay: [00:15:56] I love it. I love it.

Michelle: [00:15:58] You have at least 30 hashtags to use on each post and you should use all of them, if you can find good ones. Don’t use them just because. So what I would advise is start small, have a handful, maybe five or six. Like that make sense to you for what people might be looking for. So on your first few posts don’t go crazy. Just do one or two or three or five or six whatever you feel comfortable with, but start small. And then do that for a few weeks. Start to see who’s finding you because you should go in and check your followers every day and just say, you know, see who’s in there. Check them out. Like I’m always doing a bit of follower stalking and I go have a look at their accounts see what they what they do and who they are and what they like. And you’ll start to see who’s coming to you from those hashtags. So then you can adjust because it’s like everything in social media, you should be constantly experimenting and adjusting. So after you’ve been doing this for a little while and you look and you go, Ah okay so that hashtag that I used which was online business maybe, it’s bringing me all these spammy people who were in the get rich quick schemes and I’m not really interested, so you might drop that hashtag because it’s not bringing you the right people anyway. So you can start to get a picture of who’s coming to you and then you just adjust accordingly. So you try some new ones and the way you do this, to find new ones to try, is that you start stalking your followers and their followers. Then you look at what hashtags they’re using. You know it’s competitor research, well why not. You go through what everyone else is doing, what’s working for them and especially their followers. So You check out, you start with your followers, if they’ve got a big following like you know tens of thousands, they’re doing something right. So you start to check out who’s following them and you start to look at what hashtags they’re using because if they’re the people you want to work with, if they’ve got the same kind of audience, then don’t reinvent the wheel. Just you know use what they’re using. Try some of their hashtags, one or two at a time. See who starts coming to you from those hashtags. If you like who’s coming to you, keep them, if you don’t toss them and find new ones. So just keep experimenting, adding, changing all the time and you’ll start to build a really good following because the right kind of people will be finding you through those hashtags.

Benay: [00:18:01] Awesome, ok a couple of questions came up for me with that. How do you decide who you should follow?

Michelle: [00:18:08] Well it’s like everything, there’s lots of schools of thought. But my take on everything social media and especially Instagram is you don’t want anything that’s remotely spammy. I don’t care who follows me. I will not follow them back unless I’m genuinely interested in what they’re doing and it might be someone I’d like to work with. So that’s my criteria, you to build your own, But I just feel like that’s a much more genuine way to do things because what you’ll find… Here is a little tip, this is just brought up something for me this is trust me at some point you will start obsessing over this. When you get any kind of following and you’re watching numbers we’re getting all excited we’re getting close to a hundred for example. That’s your first milestone you’d be like oh my gosh I’m at ninety-nine, it’s getting a hundred and then it’ll go down and you’ll just sit there scratching your head going oh my gosh what am I doing wrong, what am I doing wrong. No one likes me anymore. And it will play with your mind. I guarantee I will play with your mind. Because it happens to all of us. When that happens, stop looking at the numbers! Get off the numbers! Because what you’ll find is there’s this very spammy but very popular thing called Follow/un-follow. It’s a strategy, I don’t personally like it, but a lot of people use it. And what happens is you’ll get all of the people who come and follow you because all they want is for you to follow them back. And when you haven’t and after a couple of days they’ll drop you like a hot potato. So that’s why your numbers dip and rise. But it’s like anything you want to look at it over time, are your numbers going up over a month? Great. Then forget about it day to day, it doesn’t matter because what’s happening is you’re getting a lot of follow/unfollow people. And they’ll do it to you’re multiple times, if you look at it every day just to see who your followers are, you’ll start to see the same names popping up. And sometimes if you’re feeling really brave you can pop over to one of their posts and go, could you please stop following/unfollowing me, we’re done. Don’t be afraid to name and shame really, because this apparently you don’t want them following you anyway. So…

Benay: [00:20:00] Okay. Well I think I think that’s really good advice too, just in general for, especially for coaches, a lot of what I’m hearing is you know people are feeling overwhelmed, there’s so much to Do you know, in developing your products and getting all your online stuff together and you know getting clients and lalala and you know, obsessively tracking your Instagram is not something you need to be spending your time on anyway.

Michelle: [00:20:21] No. Definitely no.

Benay: [00:20:22] You know, so doing your posts and then you know, checking your numbers once a month that sounds really healthy.

Michelle: [00:20:28] Well, I look at it a bit like weight-loss advice, it’s so overwhelming, there’s so much out there, and who the heck do you work out who is telling you the truth. That’s how I see myself as this, I’m the social media version of the real weight loss advice person. I’m going to tell you to stop following all the shiny objects from all the gurus out there and just listen to some real advice. Don’t follow the numbers obsessively and don’t worry about the algorithms, because you hear about algorithms to do with Instagram too, because Facebook owns Instagram. So there is an algorithm. I couldn’t even tell you what the algorithms do. I don’t pay any attention to them, which might fly in the face of so much advice you’ve heard. But I think because if you try and if you spend your whole life try to hack the algorithms, then you’re going to fall for every spammy trick in the book and it’s not going to work for you anyway. The number one thing to remember on any social media platform is Who cares what the algorithm says, if you are getting genuine value and real content and you’re consistently showing up as you, it will trump any algorithm any day of the week. You will always win in the long run. It may take you a bit longer than the spammy practices, but you will end up with a real following, of real people, who actually care about what you’re doing and that’s what you want.

Benay: [00:21:47] Oh my gosh Michelle I just got goosebumps. Beautiful. And that is why you know, I love your work and your message so much is because I love that you’re bringing this to the table. You’re here for the long game and here to create real value. And I think that you know, that’s what coaches are here for you. So yeah I’m so glad that I found you. Thank you for sharing that. okay, I hope everybody heard that and it resonated with them in this new way, that maybe you got goosebumps too. If you did please leave some comments, we would love to hear it.

Michelle: [00:22:20] Say goosebumps in the comments.

Benay: [00:22:20] Yeah, yeah, goosebumps. Okay. Okay so let’s see. That was, let’s see, we were talking about how, no we were talking about the process I guess to you know, depending no matter where you are on your Instagram journey as a business owner, what are some of the steps. So the first one was to experiment, and then the second one which we spent a lot of time on was to start building and especially around your hashtags. And you gave a lot of gold Right There, I was just taking frantic notes. And then we diverged a little bit into who to follow. Um, another, maybe you want to add another step, but before we do that, some people who haven’t quite gone into this yet, or who are thinking about taking it to the next level might be asking themselves the question as I am, you know do you go with your name or do you go with your business name? Do you… What is your advice there?

Michelle: [00:23:16] If you’re using it for business I highly recommend going with your business name and for coaching often, of course that’s the same name. So if you’re coaching practice is your name. Do that, but put coaching on the end of it. Whatever your business name is I recommend using that. You could have a personal account for personal stuff like you do on Facebook. But let’s keep this one with your business name, but definitely on your profile it has to be a picture of you, do not put your logo, Put yourself in it.

Benay: [00:23:42] And why is that?

Michelle: [00:23:44] Because you know that connection it’s all about human connection and nobody wants to talk to a logo. It’s too corporate-y and that’s very passé. No one’s doing that anymore. So put yourself out there. I would recommend using the same picture on all of your social media profiles. So find one you like of yourself and use it across all of them because what you want is for people to follow all of your accounts, not just Instagram and not just Facebook. So you want them to follow all of your accounts, so use the same picture so they start to go, oh I recognize her. Yep I know her. So it’s a simple little thing that just builds consistency.

Benay: [00:24:16] OK. Excellent. So I might need to rethink mine because I’m currently, I’ve got a personal account so I need to change it to my business name. Which sounds like an exciting and fun experiment. I’m excited.

Michelle: [00:24:27] It is supposed to be exciting and fun. So that’s good.

Benay: [00:24:29] I love that I actually circled that when you said it, social media must be fun, a fun experiment.

Michelle: [00:24:36] If it’s not, you’ve got enough serious stuff going on in your business. If you aren’t having some fun with this, then drop it like a hot potato.

Benay: [00:24:44] Love it. Love it.

Michelle: [00:24:44] Its not gonna work, if you’re not having fun, no one’s going to have fun following you either.

Benay: [00:24:47] Well I mean it is really funny with Instagram, I know every time I meet or meet someone or go to a workshop or do something you know that’s in the coaching space, I just Snap… Make sure I take a photo of a person or their presentation or something and it’s such a beautiful way to share and just to sort of share the energy of all this you know cool people that I’m meeting. It’s really enjoyable. I kick myself when I forget to take a photo.

Michelle: [00:25:12] Which confession time, enter the social media queen here, I often forget to take selfies with people. It wasn’t that they were taken with me, I would be bereft of a lot of good selfie images. The number one thing to do, remember to take pictures of you everywhere.

Benay: [00:25:30] It’s important. Ok, for someone… I know that a common thing that comes up when you talk about you know taking pictures of yourself and selfies and your life, Blah blah, you know this whole thing about being oh gosh what’s the word? I don’t know egotistical or self-centered or do you want to. Do you have anything you want to say about that?

Michelle: [00:25:47] Oh yes, my word, yes I have. I always had my two cents worth to put in, you should know that.

Benay: [00:25:50] I do.

Michelle: [00:25:51] Here is my two cents on this. It is absolutely not and you need to get over yourself, because you are serving your clients and they want to know who you are. So it’s got nothing to do with ego, it’s got nothing to do with narcissism, or any of that. And this was a battle I had with myself, I’m sure everyone does. I’m like, oh my God I don’t wanna do selfies, I don’t have my makeup on, I don’t look perfect. Who cares. Get over yourself. People just want to see you and they love you behind the scenes stuff. So if you are meeting up with somebody to talk about whatever, snap a photo. Mention the cafe. Give them a plug ’cause you know it’s not to be a good global citizen and give everyone else a plug that you can along the way. So find their Instagram handle and tag them on the post. They’ll love it and it gets you more good karma as well. So yes get over yourself. It’s not about you, it’s about your clients seeing who you are behind the scenes and it will help all of you. It helps you connect with them and that’s what you want to do.

Benay: [00:26:47] Excellent. Okay Michelle. That those were kind of my main question because what I really wanted to do with this episode is wet coach’s appetite about the potential of Instagram. I have definitely been sold. I mean I’ve gone from just a completely uninterested skeptic to being totally hooked and I’m loving the karma and the energy that it’s creating. So I hope that it’s done that for the listeners, too. You know really wetted your appetite about Instagram. I know that you’re soon going to put on an Instagram coarse, and I am going to be your first buyer. A 30 day like just walk me through all this stuff in like a really easy gentle way. I’m really excited about that.

Michelle: [00:27:26] Yeah I am so excited about that because there’s been so much need for it and people keep saying to me I want, I want more, I want more, I want more. So I am in the throes right now of bringing you something very exciting. Yes, it will be 30 days, potentially it’s going to be something like Instagram… uh, What Were you saying, we talked about it…

Benay: [00:27:47] Virgin to vixen!

Michelle: [00:27:49] Ah, Virgin to Vixen. We’re Thinking something catchy. So that’s what we’re aiming for. I’m really excited about that. So yes keep your ears peeled. We’ll let you know when that’s um…

Benay: [00:27:57] I’ll Make sure to that um, because I know the course is in progress right now, but it’s going to be ready soon. That we put the link to that in a show notes to for listeners. People do listen to this way after we’ve recorded it and I want to make sure they get access to that brilliant material. They’ve fallen in love with your style as I have. All right Michelle.

Michelle: [00:28:17] Yes.

Benay: [00:28:18] If there is one thing, one takes away or action You could but you could get every listener to do as a result of having listened to this episode today. What would that be?

Michelle: [00:28:31] Ok, I think the number one thing that you need to do is just get on Instagram and start playing. Remember it’s a fun social experiment.

Benay: [00:28:44] Love it! Love the succinctness, too. OK how can listeners learn more about you and your work?

Michelle: [00:28:53] The best way is to come and join the most fabulous group of Bossy Girls on the Internet at the Bossy Girls Social Club on Facebook which you can find at www.facebook.com/group/bossygirlssocialclub. We would love to have you there. They are the most amazing group of women I’ve ever come across. So do yourself a favor and pop on over.

Benay: [00:29:19] Yeah it’s a great group. I’m a member of that group and any time I get a social media question it’s awesome that I know to go there and post that, I always get great information and the vibe is just really welcoming and supportive as well. Okay thank you so much.

Michelle: [00:29:37] It was so fun. I’m glad you asked me that.

Benay: [00:29:40] Yeah it was a really great episode. Really excited to get this one out. Thank you Michelle so much for being my guest on the show. I have a feeling that we will probably be talking again when you come up to your next social media quest/conquest.

Michelle: [00:29:52] Anytime, It’s my absolute pleasure. I love coming on your show.

Benay: [00:30:01] Awesome. Thank you listeners as always for listening to Coach Pep Talk. I hope you enjoyed it and have as much fun with this show as we do. Please be sure to go over to like… To iTunes and like this episode, that will be awesome for Michelle and I. And good karma for the universe in supporting this brilliant work. All right everyone have a great day. And happy coaching.


  1. Beverley

    Great podcast Benay. Thanks for sharing practical tips on IG Michelle. Look forward to hearing more about your course.

    • Benay

      Thanks Beverley – so happy that you got some ideas for your coaching biz! Michelle’s course is starting really soon. I’ll see if I can get her to post some info for you here. I’ll be doing it – see you there! xox, B

    • Michelle McGuire

      Hi Beverley,

      I’m so glad you found the information useful. The ‘Instagram Like A Bossy Girl’ course sign-up page is now live – http://www.bossygirlmedia.com/instagram-like-bossy-girl. It’s delivered in 21 bite-sized chunks of actionable info that will take the mystery and misery out of Instagram. If you’d like more info, pop over and take a look – I’d love to work with you. Michelle xx



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