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Finding Your Personal Brand (with Nicola Grace)

by | Oct 11, 2017 | Coach Pep Talk

Nicola Grace, the Mission Mentor, explains how to define your personal brand – and I’m pretty sure that what she has to say is not only new but it will blow your mind, like it did mine. Enjoy the show!


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Learn more about Nicola @ nicolagrace.com

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  1. Mariola Leja Peden

    The information that you presented is very timely. I agree that there is a ton of noise on FB and other social media platform. A massive influx in offers dilutes the essence and the value of working with transformational tools and reduces the message of the authentic social entrepreneur. Creating space on own website to generate the robust conversation about personal and global quest toward harmony and personal wellbeing will take a skills, tools, and introspection. Robotic devices cannot offer a synergy and the presence of another creative human being.


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