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Finding Your Personal Brand (with Nicola Grace)

by | Oct 11, 2017 | Coach Pep Talk

Nicola Grace, the Mission Mentor, explains how to define your personal brand – and I’m pretty sure that what she has to say is not only new but it will blow your mind, like it did mine. Enjoy the show!


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Benay: [00:00:00] Welcome to Coach Pep Talk the podcast for people who run their own coaching businesses. Each week I talk to an expert who shares wisdom that helps us be better coaches and better coaching business owners. This week I’ve got Nicola Grace, the mission mentor, back on the show for another round talking to us all about finding your personal brand. So I’ll see you on the other side.

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Benay: [00:01:03] I’m super excited to have the mission mentor herself, Nicola Grace back on the show. Today we’re going to be talking all about finding your personal brand. Let me tell you a little bit about Nicola before we get into the interview. Nicola has basically gone from cancer to making history saving a billion-dollar industry from ruin. She’s also an award winning strategist, best-selling author, and helps social entrepreneurs clarify and monetize their mission so they can leave a legacy. This might be something that you’ve been thinking about in your coaching business. And Nicola has an amazing, beautiful, gentle, wise approach to helping you find your purpose. Nicola is intuitive, visionary strategy skills have made her the secret weapon of politicians, business owners, social entrepreneurs, social innovators, thought leaders and an entire industry body.

Benay: [00:01:59] Hello Nicola and welcome to the show.

Nicola Grace: [00:02:02] Hey Benay great to be back chatting with you again.

Benay: [00:02:05] I know I’m so happy to have you back. You’ve been a very, your episode was a very popular episode last time and I’m really excited to get into purposeful branding today and to hear everything that you have to say on that.

Nicola Grace: [00:02:18] Me too.

Benay: [00:02:20] Yeah so I’ve thought we could kick off by looking at what are some of the biggest mistakes that you see, if you can angle and as much as possible towards coaching, consultants, speakers, what do you see as the biggest mistakes they’re making in their branding these days?

Nicola Grace: [00:02:34] Yeah I think the biggest mistake is choosing a brand and coloring and pitching and positioning and what have you, using these really lovely words that sound great, using colors that they relate to, that have nothing to do with their target audience. So it’s kind of ‘me’ branding rather than ‘you’ branding. So that can unravel as we go forward because as you know it’s very difficult to get people to know, like, and trust you these days, so if you haven’t got a color you know that’s in the psychology of your target market and what you are wanting to help them achieve, or if you’re using your dog’s name as your brand name, for example because you love it, but it has no relationship to what you do, who you help, or the outcomes you help people. It creates this disconnect and so people kind of go, well yeah it sounds good but I don’t know what you do, or don’t know who you are, or that’s a bit weird. So yes that’s the biggest mistake, is like wow I like this, I’m married to this, I love this color, I love this brand, I love this look and it might not work for you. So we want to switch that and make it you know, your audience focus. You know what is that transformation that you’re bringing to your target audience? What do they want? And what will they relate to? And that it’s going to be you know, it’s going to be a brand and a position You know, that will really fire up.

Benay: [00:04:06] That’s really interesting, this term of ‘me’ branding because you can see especially in the coaching industry you know the guru coaches that the brand sometimes that the company name is even their name. I mean, will that still work or…?

Nicola Grace: [00:04:26] You know, if you’re building your business online I think you know if you want a business name, and you want to brand your business name because you’re going to be bringing on other coaches then you need that, you need to have that branding. But if you’re a one on one coach, and you do workshops, you’re a personality, you’re an author, you’re a speaker and it’s about you, the first thing anybody is going to do when they find your opt in page, is go to Google and type your name in there. So if your website in your name doesn’t come up to the top and someone else’s does or somebody else’s social media does, you don’t have that picture of expertise and authority that you could have if you do. So that’s one aspect. and The other aspect is people remember you, they don’t necessarily remember your company name. So again like a lot of… The answer to that question is really it depends on what your business model is and what your vision is. Like how are you going to be developing your business. And when I’m working with my clients I get them to do both. I get them, you’ve going to have a personal brand as a coach, a personality, a consultant, a speaker, so that people can go to your personal website, they get to know, like, trust you, they get to see everything that you’re doing and then you know that can also link to your company website. I’ve got websites for every product that I’ve got, every brand or thought idea that I’ve got, I create a website for it. And then you know you grow it out from there. And very important though, if you are looking at building a business to bring other people in that are going to do coaching for you and you’re the you know, you’re the top of the post so to speak and you want to maybe even pass the business on as a legacy, that you do both so that you can separate that out at a further stage when you do so.

Benay: [00:06:22] Okay so doing both means doing your own personal brand as is your profile but then also a corporate one.? Did I understand that right?

Nicola Grace: [00:06:34] Yeah. Yes.

Benay: [00:06:36] Okay and so can you talk to us, how do we have a personal brand that actually shows our authentic personality but that also is not about us but it’s relevant to our target? Is that possible?

Nicola Grace: [00:06:47] Yeah look it’s not as easy as.

Benay: [00:06:50] It Sounds impossible.

Nicola Grace: [00:06:53] putting those Two things together you know. Yeah and congruency is super important especially you know, we’ve had this conversation before, in our industry There have been a number of Internet marketers that have become coaches, and business tycoons that have become coaches, and mentors that aren’t actually coaches and mentors. And there’s been a lot of get rich quick stuff going on. So trust in our industry is at an all-time low right now. Attendance at webinars and sales from webinars is not as lucrative as it used to be because of this lack of trust factor. So it’s superbly important that your congruent with who you are, what you’re offering, you align to your purpose because we know from the Edelman Trust Barometer you know the adult population are now 50 percent in terms of their mindset around buying. They want to know, am I contributing to a greater good if I buy from you? Am I getting a sense of purpose from buying from you Rather than from somebody else? Those are all really important factors. But Really what we need to be talking about are what other elements that go together to create that congruity so that my audience is going to look at that and they go oh yeah that’s me. And yes I like her, I need that, I like him, I think I need to work with this person. Or actually you know what I need to work with the person now, what do I need to do? Where do I need to sign up? And That’s the response that you want, because people are making fast decisions these days so if they’re not making fast decisions to work with you they’ve got other people in their mind. Because we get offers across Facebook you know five or six times a day if not more. We get offers, whatever website we go to with Google AdWords. There is just offers coming in the post, in e-mail, and you’re not the only one out there. So we want to create that kind of an immediacy.

Benay: [00:08:54] OK. So getting this trust…

Nicola Grace: [00:08:57] I went all over the place on that one but I am going to go into detail on all those points.

Benay: [00:09:02] Okay so where do we go now? Where do you start? You know you’ve kind of given off the big picture of why we want to have this personal brand, but it isn’t just about me, the coach the entrepreneur, it’s about also, it’s your authentic personality but it’s also what your target audience needs. Where do you start?

Nicola Grace: [00:09:25] Yeah well you know like I think that the personality profiles that are out there are always a really good place to start to learn more about you. and There’s lots of different ones out there. And this has been really critical for me, it’s also really critical to look at where and how you should market yourself. One of the things that I’ve remembered about myself This year, we were talking about this just before we go on his broadcast, is that I’m a high I in the DISC profile which means I like to hang out with all my friends. So I’ve been hanging out with my computer and my clients and technology. Needless to say that’s got a bit dry for me right?

Benay: [00:10:05] Yeah that’s So funny, because I’m exactly, yeah, I’m a high I, and I hang out with my computer too.

Nicola Grace: [00:10:12] So who are you? Like, who are you? What do you like? What juices you? And this is where we start bridging over into purpose and you know within our purpose We’ve got, lots of different elements make up our purpose, like our life challenges, why we’re really here, what we’re here to do. Who are we here to serve. What message are we here to give? What is the niche that we will serve and prosper and so we get all of these nitty gritty elements of our purpose together? And we go, well great, this is what fires me up and these are the people that I’m here to serve and this is the message that I’m here to deliver them. So now I know what my message is and how it’s going to get articulated. I know my personality. So how can we massage all of these to create a visual representation and a verbal representation of what that is. So if you don’t get all of those elements together, then You’re not going to be representing all of you. Something’s just going to be missing. Or it could be coming from, and this is a really important key here, it could be coming from your wounded self. I see this specifically with speaker’s. That They go out there and they brand based on an ego and need to be whatever it is that they are presenting themselves as. Now when it comes to sales that can unravel really quickly because people get when you’re not authentic. Today people are getting that you just in it for the money and they turned off by their now, whereas before they weren’t so turned off by it. Right? They Just wanted the dream that you were offering but these days’ people are turned off by that. So we don’t want to be doing that.

Benay: [00:11:53] I want to come back to this, can we come back, I just circled you know, wounded self. So are you saying there are some coaches, or people who are created a brand, and they’ve done the personality profiling, they got their messaging, they understand what fires them up. They understand who they serve. They’ve created, they’ve massaged that all into their visual and verbal representation of their business, but there is an underlying wounded self woven into that brand?

Nicola Grace: [00:12:22] Yes.

Benay: [00:12:23] OK. That’s fascinating. I know that I’ve definitely done that in my past business and possibly there’s a wounded self in some of it. You know you kind of don’t know until you crack it.

Nicola Grace: [00:12:34] Yeah.

Benay: [00:12:36] how do you know when you are in the entrepreneurial shoes, how do you know if you’ve got a wounded self in there or not?

Nicola Grace: [00:12:43] Yes. Good question. I always go, well just have a look at your results and the quality of the clients and customers that are coming into your business and getting attracted to you to start. If there’s an incongruity here, you’re not just getting the right clients, it’s quite possible that you could have that there. And there’s two sides of the coin on that. So depending on which side of the coin as to what to look for if it’s an egoic wound that, you know you’re wanting to stroke your ego and be that big personality when your real true personality is calmer and you don’t represent that calmness, then you are going to start attracting the wrong type of clients. Or clients that get disappointed in you once they start working with you and get to know you. And then the opposite is true, if you are on the other side of the coin, And You’re behaving like an introvert because you’re scared of being too visible, you don’t want to you know have a whole lot of people contacting you because you just feel that that’s going to be an overwhelm situation, Yet There’s an aspect of your personality that really needs to shine the spotlight and you’re hiding behind your computer, Benay. Ha-ha

Benay: [00:13:50] I could see the same thing to you Nicola.

Nicola Grace: [00:13:53] Exactly.

Benay: [00:13:56] Can’t you be both?

Nicola Grace: [00:13:59] So then what happens is that you build a brand around being you know, being this you know, this introverted or online personality when you really want to be in the spotlight. And I’m a bit of a com… Excuse me I’m a bit of a comedian so I like both.

Benay: [00:14:16] Like I said, can you be both?

Nicola Grace: [00:14:16] Yes you can. Course you can. I mean I’ve met a lot of speakers who are so big on stage and yet when you stand next to them, they speak really softly. It’s very clear that they’re shy and they lack intimacy. Because they are introverted and that does show up in your business at some level.

Benay: [00:14:47] That’s fascinating. So if you think about the concept of possibly a bit of a wounded self being woven into your existing brand is resonating with any of your listeners, what can you do to clear out, to flesh that out of your branding, and you know have a more authentic and true, or even heal that. Can you heal it?

Benay: [00:15:11] Well yeah I think that’s the life journey isn’t it.

Benay: [00:15:13] Yeah.

Nicola Grace: [00:15:15] Excuse me for Coughing there. That’s the life journey. But here’s the deal. It’s like this is my whole teaching and it’s something that I’ve been saying ad infinitum for years now. When you are 100 percent aligned to the core of your soul expression: why you’re here, what you’re really here to do, how you’re really here to show up in the world, you don’t have to worry about any of that stuff because that will override any of the wounding. it Will override anything else and that is your authenticity because it’s coming from your soul’s blueprint.

Benay: [00:15:49] Okay well so let’s talk about alignment with your soul expression. Where do you start?

Nicola Grace: [00:15:57] Yeah. It’s as if it’s as easy as Finding like how are you here to express yourself. And this is big for coaches because a lot of coaches that you know, they really want to help people and they want to make a big difference and they want to impact people’s lives. So they go out and they start by doing one on one, which is a necessary part of earning your stripes right? But then they very quickly get stuck in that. And so their brand starts to represent that, it starts to represent them. And when they go to scale or they want to make more money or they want to just break through that financial glass ceiling of six or seven figure income, it becomes very difficult because the foundation, branding, and positioning isn’t there. And I guess at this stage I probably should make the distinction between branding and positioning. Positioning is where you position yourself visually as well as in your communication. So in the minds of others they know you they and they think of this you know. So Avis positioned itself as, we may be the second best Rent-A-Car out there but we try harder. So they positioned you in the mind that they are actually going to work harder for you. Right? Or The best skincare in the world sort of thing. So that’s positioning in my mind where you want people to be thinking about you. My positioning is THE mission mentor, because I am THE mission mentor, there isn’t another one, it’s me. So if I had said, if I positioned myself as mission mentor, I’m a mission mentor, it means is me and as a whole all of others. It just something as simple as that right. So the positioning is what’s going on in the mind, whereas as brand is bigger it’s more your awareness, it encompasses many different things, it’s all, it’s visual and verbal. And also invisible. It invokes more emotion. You know the whole, Puma is one of my favorite all time brands with the lion, not the lion, what do you call it, the Panther or the Puma actually really. But it’s a same family right? The Way that it’s leaping. It really gives me that sense of forging ahead. Yeah there’s some speed there. So there is an emotional component to a brand. And people want to be part of it. With positioning it’s really, what does the grassroots selling for you and brand is what builds the awareness. So a lot of people go out and brand without positioning. And so it’s costly to do brand awareness. But when you’re positioned properly and it lines up, and it’s congruent with your branding, then you’re going to be able to you know marry the two together and have the awareness and the sales. So when people think of, oh I’ve got to go get my mission sorted and I feel like there’s a new mission out there, There’s a there’s a next generation to my work and my purpose. So who am I going to work with oh going to work with THE mission mentor, or whatever that is in your niche. You want that to be in the top of mind awareness. SO there’s really like every step of the way when you looking at purposeful branding, there is more than just one aspect to it. But the positioning is really important to get so that you have their congruity especially when it comes to sales.

Benay: [00:19:27] Okay. And then so the positioning and the branding are two different things and then, it has to be a part of your… a reflection of your authentic self?

Nicola Grace: [00:19:41] That’s right. And we were talking about soul expression as we you start. So how are you here to express yourself as a coach? Most coaches when we’re were talking about, you know go into one on one coaching. But if they’ve actually got speaking, consulting, or expertise, or shining, or communicating, traveling, as their experience as part of their Soul Expressions, then that needs to be woven in as well. So you need a global brand not a local brand. So for instance you know there’d be no point having a logo that’s just got America on it or Australia on it, you would need kind of like a global image, and then you’ve got to think of the color If you are going global you know you want to be More generic in your colors, rather than you know making the mistake of going I’m going to be red white and blue and it’s like are you? Are you French, are you in the United States, or you know, those tiny weenie little nitty gritty details. So when we know all of these elements. And especially these soul primary expressions we start to get some direction on what’s going to be the best positioning for you and then how do you turn that into a brand.

Benay: [00:20:56] How do you even go about teasing out this the soul expression? I mean you listed words like coaching, mentoring, consulting, travel. You’ve said a lot of other words how do you start to tease out those words? Do you meditate on them, or do you get it from these personality profiles?

Nicola Grace: [00:21:15] Yeah a combination of a number of things. I created a process because I find that most people have baseball bats in their brain. what I mean by that is when they get inspired thoughts they knock it out of the ballpark. Right? There’s A baseball bat and then it goes oh no it can’t be that Because I’m not good enough. Who’s going to pay me for that? I don’t think I could do that. All that kind of stuff, it’s like a baseball bat. Bats all these great ideas out the ballpark. So you need a process that’s going to get past the baseball bat.

Benay: [00:21:48] Definitely.

Nicola Grace: [00:21:50] And really connect at such a vibratory resonant level. So that you go, yeah this makes real sense to me. So the process that I developed is the systematic process of going through certain aspects of your life, certain aspects of the way you think, what you think, what your dreams are, what you hope for, what you want your legacy to be. Like this is key moments in your thinking that when we drill down underneath the thinking to find out what are the core values that are wanting to be met and what’s motivating you in wanting this. Bypassing the ego. Now we’ve got all these words that I call soul buzzwords and we go yeah ok here are the values that need to be met. And I’ll give you an example, I’m helping somebody transition out of a job into an executive coaching business right now. And one of his expressions is pioneering. So somebody who’s got pioneering as an expression modality and we found that out by deep diving into what’s really motivating him behind some repetitive tasks he’s doing. Then we go, you know what no wonder you’re not happy at work, or you’ll never be happy at work because you’re not pioneering. Now when we go to build your business model as an executive coach you need to be pioneering something in order to get that motivation filled and to get that expression felt. So now here we are going, we’re getting some ideas on how we’re going to position this person. Clearly a pioneers a thought leader, so we got to position him as a thought leader. Now the brand needs to be really big for him because he’s done a lot of blue chip franchise coaching and training. So now we’re looking at well what colors would present that. And how you know how else you’re going to weave in all of your other primary expressions to bring in something that you know, that just really rock and people get that you know you’re a person that they want to work with. And those expressions are really critical because I believe just because of how I’ve been working with people on what I’ve been seeing and how I’ve been seeing this in action is that when we know what those expressions are we know what our core values are, They’re going to be really similar Core values of our target market, of the people that we’re here to serve. So when we use those words when we use certain combinations of words we’re going to create resonance in our marketing and our positioning and our branding. So that people get it. Like I hear this all the time, in fact I just got a message on Facebook couple of days ago say I get so many offers over my disc and when I saw your ad on Facebook I resonated with what you said. And I always say specifically what was it that you resonated with? And they’ll feed back to me a couple of words. They won’t feedback over the concept of this, they’ll go, you said you know build a legacy without getting caught in the day to day, or you know whatever the words were that I used. And the reason that they resonated is Because I’m weaving in my soul resonant words and my soul expressions and my values into my copy, My marketing, and my positioning. So that people get that they’re meant to work with me right. They get the resonance. We want coaches and speakers and trainers and what have you doing that for you as well. So you know there’s work to be done to find out what that is. And then because you ask the question, you know how do we make it all about them, but it’s still got to be authentic to you, and that’s the key right there. It’s like when you get down to that level of knowing your values your motivation it’s going to resonate with the group that you’re here to serve. It cannot not because that’s how things work.

Benay: [00:25:47] I get it! So it’s like… So how do you feel on, you Know some people would say oh well you need to understand your customer so therefore you need to go out and do market research. Does market research play a role in this or is it actually more a you know just that your resonating at the core value level?

Nicola Grace: [00:26:04] Oh I think both because we’ve got to have the yin with the yang right.

Benay: [00:26:08] OK.

Nicola Grace:[00: ]So Yin would be that self-discovery, soul expression, and Yang would be the market research. And I think that they get woven into things. So to give you an example, my market research tells me that coaches that I work with really want sustainable income. So those are the words they use. When I did a survey on this, I wasn’t using the word sustainable in any of my markets.

Benay: [00:26:36] Okay cool.

Nicola Grace: [00:26:37] And I went, oh isn’t that interesting. I was using let the cash flow and you know, leveraged cash flow, like all of these business terms. But when I heard the term sustainable income I get the value behind that. Right? They want a business that can sustain their lifestyle. That makes a lot of sense. So instead of saying you know how to clarify and monetize your mission to make a difference and leave a legacy, I would now say how to clarify and monetize your mission so you can build sustainable income and leave your legacy.

Benay: [00:27:17] Okay so interesting. So I would guess that the word sustainable income actually is a values match for you personally, but it wasn’t in your language?

Nicola Grace: [00:27:26] But it wasn’t in my languaging. And this is also part of evolution as well too which is why it’s a good idea to do to do that soul discovery work you know a number of times. It might have been had I’d done an update because we’ve been talking about sustainability a lot over the last couple of decades right? Yeah. So but that’s how you weave your soul buzz words in with the market research words. It’s not that you’re going to do either or it’s like you work out a way that you can marry the two together. So now it’s really firing up.

Benay: [00:28:06] Wow. OK. I feel like I just have it my aha moment.

Nicola Grace: [00:28:11] Oh good!

Benay: [00:28:13] It all really comes together. What are you feeling that as far as purposeful branding what’s Another important topic or distinction that we need to make to sort of get people over the line with this and get them really excited about it? Or Do you think that we’ve done it?

Nicola Grace: [00:28:29] Well I think messaging is the other one. Like when I started seeing people’s mission blueprints, and this is really the birth of my… You know myself as the you know, branding myself and positioning myself as The mission mentor. I started seeing visions of people having very specific messages. And when I would say to them you like if you had three days to, three hours rather, to download a message to the world what would it be? Everybody started saying the same thing. That you can do it. You should go for it. Don’t waste a day. Like all these really generic messages. Nobody had any unique message. and I thought, oh that’s really interesting. But when I started digging deeper with them and I started working with… Well first of all let’s clarify who are you are here to serve and prosper with. And now what is your life mission? Like what is… life Mission for me is the part of your purpose that’s all about how you fit evolution and transformation in your evolutionary journey as a human being. So when we know what that mission is, and then we look at the messaging as like well, what message is going to fulfill that mission in that niche. Now we start to get that unique selling point. Right? Now we start to get your unique mission mojo.

Benay: [00:29:54] Wow.

Nicola Grace: [00:29:54] Yeah that is wow because nobody thinks about that right? They don’t think about that… And I want to make a really clear distinction between life mission and business mission- Your business mission has to do with what you do in business and you can make that up. It doesn’t even necessarily align to your purpose or your life mission. your Life mission is your Stamp on the evolution of humanity and the planet. So to give you an example my life mission is all about bringing conditions that will bring peace on earth through coming back into the harmony of the universal laws of nature. So in my business I’m teaching the laws of nature, law attraction, law of mass attraction, law of periodicity, synergy, purpose because I’m weaving that into my business mission. And I’m working with people who are helping people have a better, happier life. And the ripple effect of that is there’s more peace on earth.

Benay: [00:30:57] Can you give us just in contrast, so we’ve got your life mission, how does that compare with what’s your business mission?

Nicola Grace: [00:31:04] Yeah. Exactly. So my business mission is to teach people how to align to the laws of nature that are going to give them the leverage to be able to make things happen more easy, to tap into that magnetic part of their soul and to effect great change and transformation in the world through education, programs, and products.

Benay: [00:31:28] Okay so you can see that there is very much a synergy, a complementary relationship there. But they are different.

Nicola Grace: [00:31:36] Yeah. So now when we go to look at the positioning it’s like what conveys that. So in my PowerPoints, you see the peace symbol, like I’ve got a couple of logos for my programs that have the peace symbol in there. The peace symbol is in a lot of places on my opt in page you know. I’ve got somebody holding the two fingers up with a peace symbol. So I’m bringing in that in a really conscious and subconscious level too.

Benay: [00:32:07] I know last time we spoke you mentioned, you rattled off a couple of types of business owners and you mentioned I think the healer, the freedom warrior…

Nicola Grace: [00:32:18] The global healer. Yeah, the liberator, the torchbearer, well Bridger, Yeah.

Benay: [00:32:25] I Really loved those. The freedom warrior really resonated with me and I went through my whole website and just changed the words you know put liberate and free and things.

Nicola Grace: [00:32:34] There you go, there you go. See those are going to be really key value words for you. And guess what, they’re going to be key values for the people that you’re supposed to be working with.

Benay: [00:32:43] Exactly, exactly. I really love this stuff. OK. So I want to… you did touch on with your messaging that you need to have clear messaging that is actually communicating to your niche, as opposed to you know you get to share one message and is three hours and construct it to the world. How can you make that specific? And that by talking to a niche, not just a generic you know, I want to make the world a better place kind of statement. Yet so often you know, I come across coaches who are really resisting niching. Can you just talk a little bit about that?

Nicola Grace: [00:33:21] Yeah really important, Very important subject There. people who resist niching are I believe coming from a fear/lack mentality.

Benay: [00:33:36] Wow. OK. What does that mean?

Nicola Grace: [00:33:37] So that means that, oh but if I choose a really small niche, then I’m not going to be able to help lots of people, or I’m not going to be able to make enough money or it’s not going to be enough to sustain me. Or I’m not going to be able to make that really big difference. So they go Oh yeah but I want to coach everybody. Or I want a coach all women or I want to coach all moms. And the problem with that is, is that different sectors of our society have different needs and they have different values. So when you go to market to a generic group, your conversion rate is going to be very low. Because you’ve got a generic message and you’re trying to encompass a wide variety of people so the people that would really get lot of value by working from you won’t know your message because it’s diluted. And when you niche down into that very specific group of people that you’re here to serve and prosper with, they’ll get you. And there’s more than enough of them because if you come out of the lack consciousness and you go into the abundance, there’s more than enough of them. So when I niched to the mission mentor, wanting to work with social entrepreneurs, Social entrepreneur wasn’t even a word that you saw much on Google. Now are social entrepreneurships everywhere right? There’s businesses that have called themselves social this, social that. I Mean is there’s just been this huge explosion because There is a niche there and it’s growing. So when you come from the abundance consciousness and you’re making decisions on your niching, you need to know two things: Number one, the niche is big enough for you to you know, to abundantly serve an abundantly receive, but secondly just by you being a creative being, staking your claim and saying I’m putting my flag in this piece of land. And this is my mark. This is who I am. This is what I stand for, and this is what I’m offering. Then it’s kind of like build it and they will come. It’s almost like you’re starting a movement. And as long as you’re doing that in alignment with your purpose, that’s the evolution of purpose starting to change the world happening in you and through your business.

Benay: [00:36:09] Wow. OK so the people that maybe are like, OK and maybe have identified that they might have been coming from this fear/lack mentality but you know they’re inspired to make that change to do something. How can they start? Do you need to have a certain amount of coaching hours under your belt before you even think about niching?

Nicola Grace: [00:36:28] I don’t think so I think it would be the other way around. Yeah. OK. Having said that every now and then you get somebody that’s kind of like a fish out of water and they need to do something different because they are a freedom liberator, or you know very unique. But most people that I work with generally the more you can niche the easier it is because you don’t go off creating a whole lot of programs that you’ll ditch once you niche. That rhymed.

Benay: [00:36:59] You did, it did!

Nicola Grace: [00:37:02] Don’t build a program that you’re going to ditch once you niche because that’s a waste of time. The more you know who you’re here to serve the better It will come together. And my whole teaching too, is if you’re getting that alignment purpose level, you do start to get things happening in your space out there, that will come in and tap you on the shoulder that you’re heading in the right direction. And I just see this over and over and over again.

Benay: [00:37:36] You know I’ve been seeing that a lot lately also.

Nicola Grace: [00:37:40] Yeah, it starts to come in and You go, oh you know you look at that. They give you…

Benay: [00:37:43] Yes Sorry. Go ahead. Go ahead.

Nicola Grace: [00:37:45] I was gonna say to give you an example, I’m turning a corner in my business and I’m not going in a completely different direction but I’m scaling big. And when you scale, you get to see all the holes in your business. But you need to shift your messaging. You need to niche even more. Like the more you want to scale the more you want to make, the more you want to make an impact, the more you need to niche. So I’ve just recently niched, going you know transformational messengers, this idea of people that have got a message that they need to get out there. So if there’s speakers, there doing it with coaching and training, there’s this message within them that just needs to get out and it’s a really beautiful and important message. So I’m niching even more now. So not just coaches and consultants and trainers and speakers. It’s those very specifically that feel like they’re a messenger and that their message is transformational. Right? It’s here to transform. So when I started realizing that I’ve actually got to step out and start using that in my marketing, which I wasn’t at this stage. What happened was I started to get a couple of emails with people who said, I’ve got a really important message that I want to get out to the world but I don’t know how to monetize it. Can you help me? And I just went, yep, that’s a little bit of a kiss on the shoulder from Spirit there.

Benay: [00:39:09] Wow, that’s amazing. And what a difference. I mean because some people think that that concept of being a messenger is not going to resonate with at all. And with other people it’s going to be, Oh my gosh that’s so me.

Nicola Grace: [00:39:20] Yeah exactly. Yeah. It’s like I’ve got a message and I’m here to transform the world, or I’m here to transform this part of the community and what have you. So that’s going to need a very different business model from a traditional coaching business model.

Benay: [00:39:34] Yeah. Oh that’s so interesting. It’s just yeah in my Facebook group here recently having this conversation about you know, we were talking about niches and what people were specializing, in and I was like oh you know you guys sound very similar and what you’re going to do. Interesting. And yeah so there was a little bit of a discussion about where you need to draw the line with niching, can you just… Because they were saying that the relationship with the customer, and this was back to that one on one business model was so important that actually the niche shouldn’t matter so much because it was all about the relationship with the with the customer and just being authentic and then it would kind of sort itself out. And I was a bit stumped I didn’t know really, like Okay. Well yeah, let’s see how it goes.

Nicola Grace: [00:40:20] Yeah yeah. You know like there’s alignment, and alignment is something that we’re always needing to do anyway because we get a bit off track or we’re evolving so it’s unfolding. But I’ll give you an example, this is a good story. I have three clients that are all wealth creators. And I’m going, wow this is really interesting. One of them one, we positioned her as THE wealth creator, she’s helping people and coaching them on mindset and how to Get your property portfolio up and running as quickly as possible so that you can earn money without working. And she has a target audience of professionals, couples, and professionals in general. Right. So professional people that have got a salary. And some entrepreneurs. Then I’ve got another wealth creator who’s psychic and she has a multimillion dollar business. She is a multimillion dollar property portfolio and investment portfolio site. And we have branded her as the investors Oracle because she helps investors, so people who have got businesses and they’ve got profit, overcome their blocks to investing so that they make profitable investments and she’s creating wealth that way. Then I’ve got another client who is a wealth creator, but she is out there over the top sticking her fingers out into the energy of the universe, creating balls, blowing them your way, the next thing you know you’ve got this energy that’s just like wow, and you have these big inspired thoughts. And she does hurly durly out there. She is a wizard, witch, whatever you want to call it, She’s really Phenomenal. So also She lives off her investments, like she’s totally leveraged out of working and now she’s working in a coaching business to coach people how to be mystical with your wealth creation. Like how to…and so her niche is working with mystic, healers. You know people who are psychic, people who are in the business of an intuitive type of a business but they are struggling to create wealth because they are not tapping into that mystical ability that they have. And so she’s reconnecting them. And so she’s called the mystic wealth creator. So these are three people that are all in a similar niche in terms of a general nature, but they’ve niched down specifically to align with something which is in tune with their personality and their new unique offering. And they’re all doing really well. they’ve All carved a unique space out for themselves.

Benay: [00:43:09] Yeah yeah. And they are all different. They’re serving different people. They’re their key words or their soul expression vocabulary is really different. Yeah it’s amazing how you know how simple you make all that sound.

Nicola Grace: [00:43:23] And not only that they’ve done the work with me so, and they have put work in to get to where they can put all of that together. But the best part about it is that I’m now marrying them together to say you guys should do joint venture partners, because you’ve all got unique angles in what you do and not all of their clientele are going to like each other but there’s going to be a certain sector where there’ll be some crossover.

Benay: [00:43:54] Yeah then they’ll get the full package.

Nicola Grace: [00:43:57] Yeah.

Benay: [00:43:58] It’s pretty incredible. OK. Well Nicola time has just flown past. We probably need to start wrapping up. If there’s if there’s one message or action or something that you want to leave with her audience today as a result of having listened to this podcast episode, what would you like that takeaway to be?

Nicola Grace: [00:44:19] Dig deeper. The power, the magnetism, the big results, are deep deep deep within you. So get out of the head. Take time out to dig deeper because that’s where the Gold is. Does that make sense?

Benay: [00:44:38] It does make sense, it does.

Nicola Grace: [00:44:39] Just do the work, do the deep work. Because we can rebrand and read niche, and keep doing it ad infinitum. And that becomes very costly. Or we can just go you know what, I’m gonna take some time out, and I don’t mean time out as in stop working. But at least you know designate some time to do the deep discovery work and pull it out and bring it forward and that’s going to be gold When you do that.

Benay: [00:45:04] And how can people, they take out the time and they do what work?

Nicola Grace: [00:45:08] Their self-discovery work. You know we talked about personality. And obviously working with me I mean I’m offering some complementary strategy sessions today which you can drop a link in the show notes at nicolagrace.com/discovery and what we’ll do in there is I’ll start you on that process of discovery, of digging deep and we’ll look at getting clear on some direction. You know uncovering some things that are actually in the way of you know your true you, and your true brand in and position coming forward and map out a way forward for you from there. My programs are all mentor programs as well where you know, I give you some processes for you to dig really really deep into who you are and you know, if I’m a good fit we can work together, if I’m not a good fit We can look at you know, who else is. But at least start, like if you’re going to do that, at least start with doing some learning who you are and what motivates you.

Benay: [00:46:13] So taking a DISC profile, could that be a…

Nicola Grace: [00:46:16] DISC profile is really good. DISC is really good especially if you want to know how to market yourself. That’s really helpful. DISC profile is good. You know the Myers Briggs still is pretty in-depth, in terms of you know finding out you know what are the various different aspects of yourself. And Genius You, Roger Hamilton’s profile, is good. His wealth dynamics is really good.

Benay: [00:46:41] Roger Hamilton did you say?

Nicola Grace: [00:46:43] Roger Hamilton, yeah Genius U, wealth dynamics.

Benay: [00:46:46] I’ll include links to this all in the show notes, too.

Nicola Grace: [00:46:55] Yeah, and then most definitely take me up on my offer to chat with me and book a session and we will begin to uncover something and move you forward. Because it’s really important Benay I think that people are on the game because two things, we’re moving forward into very uncertain times so we need to be robust and resilient and if we’re not building that into our business right now with our brand, positioning, our monetization, and what have you, it could be a rocky road with net robotic you know A.I. comes. And also in our industry too, I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but robo coach is on the conveyor belt. And robo coach is as little robot that sits on your desk and they’re rolling it out in the wellness industry right now so. Message to wellness coaches. So it’s going to answer all the questions that wellness coaches answer. So that’s going to leave a big hole, like when that becomes like Apple Mac was to the industry in the computer industry and everybody’s got one their desk. The need to seek out advice isn’t there anymore. But people will always need transformation. So if your business isn’t transitioning into that right now like you’re advising, your consulting and you’re not also having that component of transformation you may be being replaced by a robot. So it’s really, it’s really important timing to you know start getting that robustness and resilience into your business right now, in the coaching industry.

Benay: [00:48:22] Okay. I think everybody’s got that message loud and clear. The time is now to do that deep work and establish that resiliency and robustness behind your business and what you doing.

Benay: [00:48:35] Nicola I want to thank you for coming on the show and sharing your wisdom and knowledge in this space and I find that you really communicate it very clearly, but also you know from our last episode you learn that you know most of the time people called you as opposed to you know downloading something from your website as a result of our last show and then really stepping up and offering my listeners of that free exploratory session. I really value that. So thank you so much because that’s why I’m doing what I’m doing, is to give more out to coaches that I could possibly do on my own. So I just want to thank you for showing up and being so generous. I really appreciate it.

Nicola Grace: [00:49:14] Thank you and your welcome.

Benay: [00:49:17] Ok, thanks again So much for being on a show, it’s an absolute pleasure.

Nicola Grace: [00:49:20] Good. Great thank you. Yes. We went in circles but we got there at the end.

Benay: [00:49:24] Oh definitely, we’ve covered some great stuff. I’ve got four pages of notes. If not more. All right and listeners thank you as always for listening through another episode of Coach Pep Talk be sure to go on like the show on iTunes. Have a great day everyone. And happy coaching.

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  1. Mariola Leja Peden

    The information that you presented is very timely. I agree that there is a ton of noise on FB and other social media platform. A massive influx in offers dilutes the essence and the value of working with transformational tools and reduces the message of the authentic social entrepreneur. Creating space on own website to generate the robust conversation about personal and global quest toward harmony and personal wellbeing will take a skills, tools, and introspection. Robotic devices cannot offer a synergy and the presence of another creative human being.

  2. Sara

    There is a mentioning of a free course from Nicola. Can you give the links please



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