DISC Profiling – a Fabulous Coaching Tool (with Mo Perkins)

by | Apr 18, 2017 | Coach Pep Talk, Create Coaching Products

In EPISODE 6 Mo Perkins shares how she is using DISC profiling with her clients. Discover how it’s good for the coach, good for the client and good for business!


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  1. Alison

    Many thanks for such a useful interview. Because of this, I’ve gained in-depth insight into how DISC will benefit my coaching business, especially since I hadn’t realised profiles could be used with younger people which is the speciality of my passion. I’ve since pursued and due to certify on DISC so wish to extend my thanks for providing such useful and beneficial information that led me to this decision.

    • Benay

      I’m so pleased that you enjoyed the interview AND that it’s helped you as a coaching business owner!!! That is what the show is all about. Mo is such an amazing woman and was so generous in the episode. Thank you for taking the time to share Alison – it’s greatly appreciated. Happy DISC-ing! B

  2. Mo

    I’m so pleased that you found the interview helpful Alison. It was such fun to do and I could have said a lot more. As I mentioned in the interview I’m not the biggest expert but a big, big DISC fan. I don’t often come across people using the DISC profiles with children and teenagers so it’s great to hear you share my passion. I was thrilled that Benay asked me to be a guest on her show. It was a pleasure and a wonderful experience.
    let’s Make a Difference!
    Mo ????

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