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I would love for you to be a Next Generation Product Development (for Coaches) Course Affiliate. The Next Generation Product Development (for Coaches) Course is the game-changing online course and community that will help you breakthrough your procrastination strategies and finally deliver your own coaching products.
This program can do so much for you and I with little time or energy spent on it. You’ll have a special link to my Next Gen Course web page and when one of your network buys something – you earn money. It can take as little as 5 minutes to start!
You can use our “Creative” image with an explanation of the course or just use your special link on your website and social media networks. I’ll take care of the everything else. You can log onto your own affiliate area at any time to check out your latest statistics and payouts.

What are the benefits of being a Next Gen Affiliate:

  • 30% commission on The Next Generation Product Development (for Coaches) Course
  • No Caps- There are no limits to how much you can earn from simply sharing my program
  • Fast and reliable monthly payments directly into your paypal account
  • Real-time, accurate sales tracking that you can check at any time


Some Rules to Follow as a Next Gen Affiliate:

  • Please only use ethical marketing methods to promote this. No one likes to be spammed.
  • Please do not promote through sites that contain offensive content.
  • The minimum amount to get paid is $50, which is very easy to get.
  • When you reach this figure, I’ll pay you monthly via Paypal.
  • I may not be able to track your sales if people do not allow the cookies on their computer, or if they already have another affiliate’s cookies on their system.
  • Please note: You can’t use your affiliate link to get a discount on my courses or to earn your own commission sign ups, but it’s easy to fund your personal development addiction through commissions!
  • If the program or product you received a commission on is refunded, I’ll deduct the paid commission from your future affiliate payment.

If you have any questions at all, just email us with your question and we’ll help you in any way that we can.


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