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Should You Create Your Own Coaching Products this Year?

You only have 24 hours a day to work, eat, sleep, play, exercise, relax and be silent. So, if you want to have some down time, pick and choose your clients and have more flexibility in your daily life you must find a way to better leverage the time you have.

Read the rest of the article to find out how…

How to Find Your Coaching Niche

Here are 14 questions to help you flesh out the niche formula and come up with some interesting and possibly perfect coaching niches you may not have considered in the past but should.

99 Coaching Niches

If you are still figuring out your coaching niche, and want some help, here is a list of coaching niche ideas to get you thinking.

Elevator Speech (Script for Coaches)

When you’re at a networking event and you’re asked to introduce yourself and your coaching business, does your tongue get all tied up in knots? Do you turn bright red and start feeling a bit too warm on the inside?

If, so, have no fear! I’m about to give you a handy little script that you can use to design an elevator speech that helps you feel cool, calm and collected while also imparting valuable information to your audience.

Coaching Business Success: Essential Foundations

After quite a history of false starts in my coaching business, I've finally made it through to being a coaching success story. But it was a long and tiring road and I'd like to help you do things better from day one, if I can. So, I've been doing a lot of thinking...

Create Passive Income Coaching Products

In my experience, many people become a life coach because they are in a job that no longer inspires them. The thought of instead having amazing, life-changing conversations with people, and getting paid for it, sounds much better. I totally agree. Coaching rocks! However, as romantic as becoming a coach sounds, loving coaching and then running a profitable and fulfilling coaching business is another thing altogether. This article will help get you started in the business side of online coaching.

How to Book a Free Coaching Session

This is article 1/3 on how to manage a coaching client those first most important encounters. The stages covered in the full series are:

How to Book a Free Coaching Session
What to do During a Free Coaching Session
What to do During a Paid Coaching Session

Do I Need Life Coach Training or Not?

I am often asked by people considering life coaching as a career if they need to have some sort of life coach training and accreditation to call themselves a life coach. The answer really depends on the type of life coaching jobs you do. I give my opinion in today’s article.

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