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How to Start Your Coaching Business After Graduating from Coaching School

Peter Wallman, founder of Passion Maps, interviews Benay Dyor, CEO and founder of Universal Coaching Systems and Life Coach Office.
They discuss what happens once a coach graduates from coaching school and what things to focus on in those first 12 months of starting your coaching business.

3-Step Formula for How To Get Coaching Clients

In this thorough article I guide you through each of the 3 main steps in the formula so you understand the core components, why each one is important and can get started creating the perfect client attraction system for you.

The Magic Formula for Pricing Your Coaching

In this video Benay teaches you the secret of pricing your coaching AND then gives you a 4-part formula to work out your own pricing structure that’s right for your clients and your lifestyle.

Good Money in Coaching – How long does it take?

Coaches Tell All: The Path to Wealth
If you are new to coaching or you’ve been at it for a while, I hope the wisdom, shared in the real-life stories (below) encourage/nurture/inspire you on your path to making good money in your coaching business.

Should you coach for free or do trades?

As professionals, we should always get something in exchange for our coaching skills and time.

Does it always need to be money though?

Here are a few trade combinations I’ve tried over the years and my recommendations from each experience.

The #1 Thing New Coaches Should Focus On

New coaches often write to me seeking advice.

Of course they are super excited about their new coaching skills. They also are pretty keen to create a successful coaching business ASAP so they can leave their old job and coach full time.

But where to start? What to focus on first when there is so much to do?

This article covers the #1 tip I share with newbie coaches.

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