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EPISODE 14- Getting Clients Unstuck (with Mike Bundrant)

In EPISODE 14, Mike Bundrant from the iNLP Center walks us through exactly how to get our coaching clients unstuck. He’s created a revolutionary process for identifying self sabotaging behaviour and dealing with them for good. Enjoy the show!

Simple Online Sales Funnel (for Coaches)

These days an online sales funnel is an essential part of any coaching business. This article tells you why and outlines the steps within a simple online sales funnel for a typical coaching business.

Elevator Speech (Script for Coaches)

When you’re at a networking event and you’re asked to introduce yourself and your coaching business, does your tongue get all tied up in knots? Do you turn bright red and start feeling a bit too warm on the inside?

If, so, have no fear! I’m about to give you a handy little script that you can use to design an elevator speech that helps you feel cool, calm and collected while also imparting valuable information to your audience.

Facebook Advertising – is it worth it?

Experimenting with Facebook Ads In April 2014, I did some training on how to advertise my coaching business using Facebook. I turned this into a timed, 2-week experiment to see what I could do. The goal was to grow my email subscription list as much as a could just...

Who Should Run Online Marketing for Your Coaching Business?

You probably already know that I've been running my own coaching business for awhile now (just over seven years). But did you know that for almost as many years, I was on the hunt for the perfect online marketing guru/partner to help me grow? My reasoning...

Do You Have a Gravatar? You Should!

Are you are reading and commenting on blogs? If so, I'd like to tell you about a little known and super easy tool that, it seems, most coaches haven't discovered yet. It's a simple little system called Gravatar. What the heck? A Gravatar is a Globally Recognized...

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