Life Coach Office

Managing Clients


  • Add a new client
  • Access a client’s coaching folder
  • Sort and filter your client list
  • Search for a client


What’s in a Client Folder?

Each of your clients will have his/her own Client Folder that only you and your client can access.

Here’s what’s inside…

  • Coaching Journal
  • Vision and goals for each life area
  • Place to share private documents
  • Client contact details
  • Coach only notes



Instant Communication

Super easy to stay connected with clients

  • Quick access to your client’s profile
  • Instantly call (skype, mobile or land lines), email or message your client while viewing his/her folder
  • Visual reminders of your next meeting or session


Coaching Journal

Fully customizable journal entries for each coaching session

  • A Journal entry is automatically created for every coaching session you book in your calendar
  • Choose which Journal Template you want to use for each coaching session
  • Easy to review your client’s preparation notes before each coaching session
  • Store your own private notes for each coaching session or share your notes with your client
  • Easily record quality assurance information and ICF compliant coaching hours records


Vision and Goals

Create and track a Life Plan with your clients

  • Work with your clients on their vision statements and goals for each of eight main life areas
  • You and your client will know when a goal is due because it will also automatically display in both of your calendars (you can easily filter your client’s goals in and out of your calendar)
  • Create your own life areas


Important Documents

Securely share private documents

  • You and your client can upload documents into the client folder (that only the two of you can see)
  • It’s a great way for storing personal client information such as: a personalised plan, CV/Resume, questionnaires they have filled in, and any written homework you’ve assigned



Stay on top of client billing

  • Instant access to all of the invoices you have sent your client
  • See when they have paid online to join any of your coaching groups



Coach Only Notes

Record your personal thoughts ideas and plans

  • A private place for you to store your private notes about your client
  • Only you have access to this area


Client Details and Access

Manage what your client can and can’t access

  • Update your client’s details
  • Add and remove your client from your groups
  • Deactivate your client’s account
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