Life Coach Office 2.0 – Tutorial – How to automate monthly payments from coaching clients

by | Jun 15, 2016 | LCO Help, LCO Tutorials

This Life Coach Office Tutorial goes through an easy and free work-around for using Paypal + your Website to enable monthly subscription payments for your coaching courses and programs in Life Coach Office.

What you need to set up:

Program Sales page on your Website

Program Thank You page on your Website

Subscription Button from within your Paypal account. Link this button to your Thank You page – step 3. Paste the code for this button onto your sales page.

New Group in Life Coach Office (Cog icon, top right / Groups). Enable “Online Registration” and set the Group as “Free” – since payment is being handled outside of LCO. Add the registration link for the Group to your Thank You page if you want clients to self-register for your “Online Student Portal”.


If you have any questions or have solved this in other ways, please share by leaving a comment below.


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