Life Coach Office Tutorials

LCO Library

This video is about the Library area of Life Coach Office

Classroom Training

This video is about the classroom. Learn how to Create courses within LCO, Create lessons, and Add lessons to courses

What’s the difference? (Classroom vs Library)

Benay, founder of Universal Coaching Systems and Life Coach Office, gives a sneak peek into her back office system. She shows you how she helps her coaching clients all over the world through her online Classroom and Library.

How Do I Get Started with LCO?

Here is a short and sweet series of videos to help you get started using Life Coach Office – software for managing your coaching business online.

What do my clients see?

Here are the “Getting Started” videos your coaching clients gets access to when they log in to your Life Coach Office account as your coaching client.

How do coaching clients register and pay online?

Let’s say you have a coaching program all set up in your Life Coach Office and you are ready to sell.
Well you’ll need a few things first like a sales page on your website with a way to register and pay!
This post looks at how clients register and pay for your program all online.

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