The Classroom Upgrade (LCO 2.0.9) is going LIVE at the end of the month Oct 29/ Oct 30 (depending on your time zone).

Please note, while we roll out the 2.0.9 upgrade the system will be down, for possibly up to 2 hours.

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Get a Sneak Peek

Kim’s most recent LCO Open Call covered all the changes that are coming.

Check out Kim’s video here:
Open Call Oct 2017- The Classroom Enhancement


IMPORTANT (for Coaches using the Classroom)

Once the new Classroom is live, you will notice that any lessons you have sitting directly in the Classroom Home level, will be turned into it’s own course. This is because after 2.0.9 stand aloe lessons will not be allowed in the Classroom Home level.

Kim suggests that before 2.0.9 goes live on Oct 29/ Oct 30, you create a new course. Call it “Additional Lessons” and then move all of your stand alone lessons into it. This will keep your Classroom easy to understand and navigate for your clients.

If you have any questions or have handled your stand alone lessons in a creative way, please share in the LCO Users Community!

The team is SUPER EXCITED to bring you this awesome Classroom update – we know you’ll LOVE the expanded capability and your clients will too!