Introducing Life Coach Office 2.0.6

by | Jul 2, 2016 | LCO Help, Releases

Since we launched a new version of Life Coach Office (LCO) just last month, this next release (LCO 2.0.6) is a small one – with a few nice surprises.



These are the highlights from 2.0.6.

  • An Alert for your next meeting is now displayed directly on your home page. From there you can click straight into the client’s coaching journal.
  • You can now upload audio OR video into a lesson in the Classroom.
  • You can add thumbnails to lessons that have no audio or video linked to them.
  • There are also several little fixes in this release that are not particularly exciting but they will improve your overall user experience so we’ve added them in. Get more details on these below.


System Down-time

Please note: the system could be down for up to 2 hours during this upgrade.
Please check timing in your time zone below.

Time converter at


Detailed Summary

In LCO 2.0.6 you’ll find the following changes have been made.

  • New Welcome video for coaching clients
  • Bug with the “Back” button in Coaching Journal has been fixed
  • New Coaches who sign up for LCO will be asked to opt in to our email list upon registration
  • “Saved Successfully” Messages have been crossed checked made to be more consistent across browsers
  • Now you can upload audio or video files to play in the Classroom lesson
  • Add thumbnails to lessons with no audio or video linked to them
  • Course title is now a hyperlink – takes you from viewing a single lesson into the list of lessons within the course
  • Bug fixed with text alignment in the invoice notes section
  • Display alert for upcoming meeting directly on coach home page and link to the journal entry
  • Updates made to the client profile page. Now displaying the client’s time zone, changed the label “sex” to “gender” and displaying the client’s email address



If you have any questions at all, please contact LCO Support (you can find this link at the bottom of every LCO page). We will be in touch within 24 hours or less.


What features do you need most?

If there is something you’d like added into Life Coach Office, please log a support request. You can do this by clicking the ‘LCO Support‘ link that is at the bottom of each LCO screen. OR leave a comment below and we’ll make sure it makes it into the development register.

We take your ideas and feedback very seriously, so make sure you get your thoughts in to us.



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