LCO 2.0.4 – Client Self-Scheduling

by | May 19, 2016 | LCO Help, Releases

The #1 request many of you have been waiting for is here!

Please note: the system will be down for 2 hours during this upgrade. Please check timing in your time zone below.

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Summary of Changes


Set Your Coaching Availability


We’ve kept this feature pretty basic for the first version. We plan to extend the capability once we get your feedback. So please keep your comments and ideas flowing!

  1. Set your coaching schedule for a standard week.
  2. Add in exceptions, like holidays and personal appointments that interfere with your standard hours.
  3. Clients can then book spots with you within those windows.


Coaches set their coaching hours. Clients can request meetings during those times.



Client Requests a Meeting Time


Once a client logs in to LCO, he/she can request a meeting from the Calendar area.


The client can see the spots that are available and choose a date and time that works for both of you.


Coach Approves or Rejects the Meeting Request


The coach gets an email that a booking request has been made.

When the coach goes to his/her Calendar, the booking request displays red. Once it is accepted it displays blue.


The client’s booking request displays red.


Coach approves or cancels the booking request. Client gets emailed either way.


Small things


We’ve made updates to a few small things like:

  • Add in your own thumbnail a Lesson (helpful for Vimeo users).
  • Order files by file name when uploading multiple files at the same time to a Lesson.
  • Improved ordering of meetings in the Calendar ‘list’ view.


Our Next Development Priority


Calendar Sync


Once this release is live we will be turning our attention to improving the features around calender sync with Google Calendar. We have had tons of requests from you guys about this one!

If you want to add tell us about what YOU specifically need, please leave a comment below.


We Love Feedback




If you have any questions at all, please contact LCO Support (you can find this link at the bottom of every LCO page). We will be in touch within 24 hours or less.


What features do you need most?


If there is something you’d like added into Life Coach Office, please log a support request. You can do this by clicking the ‘LCO Support‘ link that is at the bottom of each LCO screen. OR leave a comment below and we’ll make sure it makes it into the development register.

We take your ideas and feedback very seriously, so make sure you get your thoughts in to us.


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