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by | Jan 21, 2016 | LCO Help, Releases

Learn about the new client email templates you have access to, the new look for the resource Library for your coaching clients and the other small bits and pieces that make up LCO 2.0.3.

Please note: the system will be down for 2 hours during this upgrade. Please check timing in your time zone below.

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Summary of Changes


Customize client welcome emails

These new email templates have been added to System Settings/ Templates.

Here are the new templates types you can now edit:

  • New Client Activation Emails
  • New Client Welcome Emails
  • Group Registration Done Emails

Customize client welcome emails in Life Coach Office.


Improvements to the Coaching Journal

It should be a bit easier the next time you edit your Coaching Journal templates.

  • We’ve made the ‘Instructions’ for each new section of the Coaching Journal optional.
  • We’ve also made it more clear which question types are linked in to your reports and therefore cannot be edited.
  • When you open and add new sections to the journal, your screen will automatically move you to the area you are working on more smoothly now.


Library – tree view

You can now navigate the library without leaving the main library page.

Easier to navigate the Library. Coaches Can ‘right-click’ to get options for folders and files.


Small things

We’ve made updates to lots of small things like:

  • Display the expiration date of a group on the ‘Groups’ page.
  • Added filter options to ‘Mass Email’.
  • Updated instructions and confirmation texts.
  • Updated the cancellation process (due to changes at PayPal).


Our Next Development Priority


Client Self Scheduling

Once this release is live we will be turning our attention to Client Self Scheduling. We have had tons of requests from you guys about this one!

The plan is to let you set the times you want to coach and let clients book their own slots.


We Love Feedback



If you have any questions at all, please contact LCO Support (you can find this link at the bottom of every LCO page). We will be in touch within 24 hours or less.

What features do you need most?

If there is something you’d like added into Life Coach Office, please log a support request. You can do this by clicking the ‘LCO Support‘ link that is at the bottom of each LCO screen.

We take your ideas and feedback very seriously, so make sure you get your thoughts in to us.



If you love Life Coach Office, we would really like to hear from you and share your experience with other coaches!

To submit a testimonial please click the ‘LCO Support‘ link at the bottom of each LCO screen.

Please send us a few lines on what your coaching business was like BEFORE LCO and how LCO has helped your business. Be sure to attach a head shot or business logo and links to your website, Facebook, Linkedin or other preferred social media account.




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