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LCO Open Calls and Tutorials

LCO Open Call – November 2016

In this call we discuss: 1) What your clients sees when they sign in 2) Your personal branded page and link 3) Marketing the free LCO Business using the Online Coach Launch Pad Make sure to download the Online Coach Launch Pad if you haven't already....

LCO Open Call – October 2016

In this month's call we walk through Client On-Boarding using the Client On-Boarding Process Planner.  Get a free copy when you download the Online Life Coach Launch...

LCO Open Call – September 2016

In this call we discuss 4 topics: 1. Universal Coaching Systems Site 2. UCS Facebook Page 3. Using the library in LCO 4. Using Vision & Goal area in...


What’s the difference? (Classroom vs Library)

Benay, founder of Universal Coaching Systems and Life Coach Office, gives a sneak peek into her back office system. She shows you how she helps her coaching clients all over the world through her online Classroom and Library.

How Do I Get Started with LCO?

Here is a short and sweet series of videos to help you get started using Life Coach Office – software for managing your coaching business online.

LCO Software Updates

Life Coach Office 2.0.7 – Stripe

This latest LCO release is all about updating the payment processor that we use to collect the subscription fees that you pay each month to use the Life Coach Office software.

Introducing Life Coach Office 2.0.6

Since we launched a new version of Life Coach Office (LCO) just last month, this next release (LCO 2.0.6) is a small one – with a few nice surprises.

Case Studies

The Women Who Make Things Happen Show

I’m actually kind of shy so I haven’t done many interviews to date. BUT last month, I got out of my comfort zone and did a candid interview with AnYes van Rhijn – who I’ve known for a few years now. Since, I am a coach who can live anywhere in the world that I want to, AnYes gets me to talk about coaching and living life by conscious design. There are a few gems in our conversation especially for any coach who is struggling looking for his/her calling.