How to Write a SMART Goal

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The SMART goal-setting model is a tried and tested technique for creating effective goals for yourself.

To create a SMART goal, follow these 4 rules:



S – Simple/Specific

Keep your goal simple and focused, rather than wordy and vague. Be very specific about the outcome you want.


M – Measurable

How will you know when your goal has been reached? What will be different? How will you measure it? What will you look like? What will you tell yourself? What will people say? What will you feel?


A – Attractive

Does this goal inspire you? Is it exciting enough to keep you enthusiastic in both the long and short term?


R – Realistic

The goal must be realistically achievable. For example, it’s not very realistic to become expect to win Wimbledon at the age of 35 if you have never picked up a tennis racquet. Ask yourself, has someone done this before? If no one has, ask, can I really do this?


T – Timed as if now

Include the date your goal will be realised but state your goal as if its already been achieved. This trains the unconscious mind to accept the goal as real, which helps you to move more effectively towards it.




SMART Goal for “Career/Business”

It is 11 October 2011 and I have already sold 20 copies of my new product, the Coaching Tool Kit.


SMART Goal for “Health and Fitness”

It is the morning of 14 December 2011, I feel fit and look amazing. I am standing on the scales in my bathroom and the dial is pointing to my ideal weight of 143 lbs/65kgs.







Write one SMART Goal for each area of your life.

1.    Career/Business

2.    Friends and Family

3.    Fun, Recreation and Entertainment

4.    Health and Fitness

5.    Personal & Spriritual Development

6.    Physical Environment

7.    Finances and Wealth

8.    Love Life


There is no point in having goals, SMART or otherwise, if they are not linked to your life’s vision statement. Discover your own authentic vision here. Once you have a vision for what you want in your life you are ready to set some SMART goals to help you realize your vision.


SMART goals are simple but when used within a good personal development planthey are powerful stuff.

Imagine how focused and calm you feel when you have complete clarity about what you need to do. This will make it easier to turn your dreams into reality.



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