Give Someone Free Access to a Paid Group

by | Oct 15, 2014 | LCO Help, LCO Tutorials

Here is a great question we got from a coach recently.

If, I want to comp some people into the course is there a way to activate their account and by pass them paying or do I need to set them up with a different link (to a duplicate free group)?

Just in case you are scratching your head and wondering how to do this too, here is the answer!

How to Give Someone Free Access to a Paid Group

If it’s just a few people, then the best way to go is to manually add them as a New Client. Just put a tick mark next to the group(s) you want to give them access to. This will bypass the online payment process.

If you have more people that you care to add manually, you can send us the list and our team can upload them for you. We need the exact group name and the list and we can take it from there.


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