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What to Expect in Your Fast-track Call


Benay will guide you through a few things in this 30 minute Fast-track Call: 

    • First she wants to get to know you. She’ll ask you about your coaching journey so far – What training have you done? Why coaching? Who are your here to serve? Etc.
    • Next, you’ll explore your coaching business – Where is it now? Where do you want to take it?
    • With that information Benay will be able to give you her recommendation on the #1 thing you must focus on NOW to fast-track your coaching business.

Are you stuck choosing your coaching niche?

Find Your Coaching Sweet SpotI believe that there is little point starting your coaching business until you have a niche.

Before I found my niche, I lacked clarity on who I served and the problem I solve. This made it hard to focus and make strategic business decisions.

My reach was so broad that it was impossible to become the go-to expert or a thought leader on a specific topic.

Since everyone was my target, I wasted money trying to market my business.

It took me years and I went through lots of personal development exercises but eventually I discovered my coaching sweet-spot and the rest is history.

But it actually doesn’t need to take so long.

To help coaches fast-track finding their niche, I wrote a workbook that outlines all of the processes I went through over the years that helped me choose my perfect niche.

Since it was published, many coaches have done the workbook. It takes about 2 days.

The clarity on who and what they are meant to coach has been incredible!

Imagine having a clear niche that roots you solidly to the ground so that you can grow a rich, expansive coaching business. Your niche grounds you and helps you focus.

Until you have a niche you don’t have a business, you are a student learning the art of coaching.


DOWNLOAD your copy The Coaching Sweet- Spot Workbook and get started on your perfect niche TODAY.

Find Your Coaching Sweet Spot