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How to Deliver an Online Coaching Course

So, you’ve designed your own signature coaching program and you’ve decided to turn all of it or part of it into an online course. Exciting!

So, what next? How the heck do you bring everything together, online and make it all work?

Well, here’s exactly what I did that’s worked wonders for my coaching business…

How to Design an Online Coaching Course that Gets Results

Just imagine how good you would feel by creating an online course that meets you were you are now in your coaching business, gives you the type work you like and want to do and serves your ideal clients beautifully. You’d be on to a winning formula for coaching business success AND personal fulfillment!

37 Questions to Ask Yourself When You’re Stuck

Here are 37 awesome questions guaranteed to shake up your thinking, get you unstuck, and moving forward. I highly encourage you to give them a try your self on any problem you are facing, or feel free to use them with your clients.

Biggest Mistakes Coaches Make Writing Products (and easy fixes)

I truly believe that every single coach out there has a unique and special message to share. No other coach out there is you (has your background, experiences, training, values, vision, passions, moral code). If you are in this for the long haul, you need to write – warts and all.

14 Coaching Product Ideas

There are thousands of coaches out there, with more and more coming online every day.

So, what makes you different? Why should a client choose you over another coach?

To survive and thrive as a coach today, customers need to easily understand what you are all about and have enough access to what you do to make good decisions about further investing in you as a coach or not.

To do this you really need to have a clear, specific niche complimented by a suite of aligned products. The different price points make you more easily accessible to your audience.

Life Coach’s New Year Game

The point of the game is not to win or even to to everything on the list. The point is the discussion, to have fun and to dream big. The act of having closure with the past and putting your new dreams out there is a huge step.

A Sneak-Peek Look into my Online Coaching Program

I put off running online coaching programs for a long time becuse I thought it would be too hard and too complicated. A very effective procrastination strategy! 😉 Fortunately, I realized that online coaching programs would be such a valuable asset for...

Why Every Coach Should Offer Online Coaching Programs

Every time I design a new online coaching program I am blown away with how rewarding it is for me personally, for the participants who sign up, and for my business cash-flow. So, just in case you have not branched out into online coaching programs, yet, I thought I'd...

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