Create Coaching Products

How to Design Your Own Signature Coaching Program

Solid, detailed, Coaching Programs, simply sell themselves. This is because the more you can help your clients to visualise, understand and grasp what they are investing in, the more likely they are to buy. This is why successful coaches don’t just sell blocks of coaching sessions, they sell results packaged into clear Coaching Programs.

How I made $18,000 while helping Cancer Patients

In a recent catch up with one of my Next Gen Alumni Students I learned something that astonished me – in a good way. The story is a shining example that I am doing good and important work that is making a real difference in the lives of my customers. Enjoy!

Creating Products that Sell (with Tracey Minutolo)

In EPISODE 12, Tracey Minutolo talks about the growing trend of running side hustle businesses and then we move into how to know if your product idea is any good. Tracey gives clear steps any coach can follow to create products that sell. Enjoy the show!

Connecting with Your Inner Knowing and Intuition(with Peter Wallman)

In EPISODE 10 the founder of Passion Maps, Peter Wallman, explains how coaches can form a deep understanding and genuine bond with clients through his ground breaking coaching technique. We also talk through the logistics of expanding your coaching offer with Passion Maps.

Time to Declutter Your Coaching Business?

Since I already have very little stuff, I’m looking at my business and specifically, my products. This article looks at how you can identify products that no longer serve, support and nurture you, your business and your clients.

Your top questions about creating products – Answered

  Today, I've been sorting through all of the questions I've been getting about creating products. There are so many good ones, that I decided to write a whole blog post on the topic. In this post I've chosen 8 of the most common questions I get asked about...

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