How One Coaching Psychotherapist Created 3 Online Products in 5-months

by | Jun 30, 2016 | Case Studies

Mo Perkins

Mo Perkins. MEd, MA, MBACP

I’d Love for You to Meet Mo Perkins

Mo is a woman who has recently accomplished an amazing amount in her UK-based, coaching and counseling business.

In just 5 months, Mo has gone from opening her doors to almost anyone with any issue (and doing a good job of it too!) to honing in on her strong passion and expertise in helping people help children. She has reflected this on her website and is now so confident with the new niche that she is in the process up upgrading her website design and platform as well.

But that’s not all. In this short time Mo has crafted a free gift to attract her ideal clients to her website and onto her email list. She’s created an awesome workbook that practitioners working with children can buy and use to improve their skills. PLUS she’s created a full online course for practitioners who want more step by step guidance on the program outlined in the workbook.

Stepping Up

Mo has stepped up and created a powerful body of work that will make a big difference. And now she can touch thousands of lives in ways that she could not easily do with her one-on work.

And this is just the beginning. With the clarity Mo has now in her business, she is totally on fire. Mapping out her full Signature Coaching Program and honing in on her coaching scope has opened up a whole range of product ideas and opportunities for her.

First-hand Tips

Mo is wonderful at what she does and she loves her work. She also has a unique approach to getting the new products she starts – done. Because of this, I’ve interviewed Mo so she could share her simple, effective product development and time management strategies with you.

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