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How to Prepare for GDPR

GDPR is going into effecting a few days, Jenny from Jenny Designs writes today about the basics every website will need to have in effect before the due date of May 25, 2018.

The Simple and Affordable Way to Start Your Podcast

Like most new projects, I suggest starting your podcast as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Test your idea out. Force yourself to not take it too seriously so that you have fun with it. It will be a better project when you enjoy the journey. To help you out, I’ve outlined the main steps I took to get up and running with my first 10 episodes. Enjoy!

8 Essential Technologies for Your Online Coaching Business

If you want a coaching business that attracts customers from all over the world, sells your coaching products online, and manages all your clients online…you need a plan. AND that means a handful of different technologies.

Time to Declutter Your Coaching Business?

Since I already have very little stuff, I’m looking at my business and specifically, my products. This article looks at how you can identify products that no longer serve, support and nurture you, your business and your clients.

How to Test Your Website with Real Coaching Clients and Prospects

Learn how to run your own user testing on your coaching website. Through the process, you’ll discover your client’s and prospect’s views on your website branding, overall message/positioning, the relevance of your content, the real-life usefulness of any wiz-bang widgets you might have. You also gain an understanding of how readable/scan-able the pages are, the overall intuitiveness of the information architecture, and so much more!

Best Sequence for Starting a Smart Online Coaching Business

The order you do things in when getting your coaching business online makes a big difference. The right steps in the wrong order will slow you down or may even make you decide to give up on your business too soon. But the right steps in the right order speed to you toward a coaching business that is fulfilling and successful (whatever that word means to you!).

In my experience, here is the best sequence for starting a smart online coaching business…

Simple SEO Check List (for Coaches)

Introduction There are a few simple ways to optimize your coach website for better search engine rankings. And the great news is that you don't have to be a technical genius to do them. In fact every coach can and should review this simple check list and...

Technology Costs (for an online coaching business)

  You can start on a shoestring. Did you know that I built my online coaching business using one of the free templates that comes with Wordpress? That free template, plus some low-cost services I bolted on, got me through 4 years, and with it, I sold...

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