Coach Pep Talk

Finding Your Personal Brand (with Nicola Grace)

Nicola Grace, the Mission Mentor, explains how to define your personal brand – and I’m pretty sure that what she has to say is not only new but it will blow your mind, like it did mine. Enjoy the show!

Wealth Mindset for Coaches (with Denise Duffield-Thomas)

Denise Duffield-Thomas, money mindset mentor and best selling author, shares fresh wisdom on finding your calling as a coach and on making money in coaching.
She also talks about the changes she sees in the coaching industry and who is set to benefit most. If you are looking to grow your wealth from coaching, this episode is a must listen!

Finding Simplicity in Your Coaching Business (with Milana Leshinsky)

In EPISODE 17, Milana Leshinsky, the founder of a million-dollar coaching and information business empire talks about her relatively new quest for simplicity in business. Looks like we CAN have it all – lifestyle, money, meaning and fulfillment, IF we are willing to keep it simple.

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