Simple Online Sales Funnel (for Coaches)

These days an online sales funnel is an essential part of any coaching business. This article tells you why and outlines the steps within a simple online sales funnel for a typical coaching business.

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Building a Strong Marriage Abroad. Discovering YOU – Finding Us.

Unfortunately marriage isn’t a done deal, you can’t just “bag” the women and say she’s yours for the rest of your days. It’s a project you both have to work on. Life changes, YOU change and your relationship needs to change to keep up.

One thing that we did last year, which gave a new perspective to our relationship, was…

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Elevator Speech (Script for Coaches)

When you’re at a networking event and you’re asked to introduce yourself and your coaching business, does your tongue get all tied up in knots? Do you turn bright red and start feeling a bit too warm on the inside?

If, so, have no fear! I’m about to give you a handy little script that you can use to design an elevator speech that helps you feel cool, calm and collected while also imparting valuable information to your audience.

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Delivered with LCO – Coach Interview #2

Each month we feature a coach who is delivering online coaching programs though Life Coach Office. In this series, you’ll get the insider’s scoop including implementation tips and pricing structures from fellow LCO-ers. This week we look at Gwendolyn from, G.L. Young Consulting Corporation

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Facebook Advertising – is it worth it?

Experimenting with Facebook Ads In April 2014, I did some training on how to advertise my coaching business using Facebook. I turned this into a timed, 2-week experiment to see what I could do. The goal was to grow my email subscription list as much as a could just...

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