Wealth Mindset for Coaches (with Denise Duffield-Thomas)

Denise Duffield-Thomas, money mindset mentor and best selling author, shares fresh wisdom on finding your calling as a coach and on making money in coaching.
She also talks about the changes she sees in the coaching industry and who is set to benefit most. If you are looking to grow your wealth from coaching, this episode is a must listen!

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How I made $18,000 while helping Cancer Patients

In a recent catch up with one of my Next Gen Alumni Students I learned something that astonished me – in a good way. The story is a shining example that I am doing good and important work that is making a real difference in the lives of my customers. Enjoy!

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Getting Clients Unstuck (with Mike Bundrant)

In EPISODE 14, Mike Bundrant from the iNLP Center walks us through exactly how to get our coaching clients unstuck. He’s created a revolutionary process for identifying self sabotaging behaviour and dealing with them for good. Enjoy the show!

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Sending Daily Emails to Fans (with Marc Mawhinney)

In EPISODE 13, Marc Mawhinney shares his experience emailing his subscriber list every day for over a year. Discover the benefits of this marketing strategy for your coaching business. And get tips on how you can get started. Enjoy the show!

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Creating Products that Sell (with Tracey Minutolo)

In EPISODE 12, Tracey Minutolo talks about the growing trend of running side hustle businesses and then we move into how to know if your product idea is any good. Tracey gives clear steps any coach can follow to create products that sell. Enjoy the show!

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Pregnant and Coaching (with Dawn Strom)

In EPISODE 8, Dawn Strom reveals the amazing progress that can be made in your coaching/wellness business when you know a little one is on the way. Get the scoop on thoughts before and after “the baby”. And actionable tips on what you can do for your business while you are pregnant.

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