Attract Coaching Clients with Social Media

Attract Coaching Clients with Social Media, is one lesson (of many to come) in the all new Universal Coaching Systems, How to Thrive in Coaching Webinar Series.



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Are you getting a good return on the time you spend on social media?

Is this you?

Have you set up a few social media accounts for your coaching business and are now wondering what to do with them and how the heck they are suppose to help you get new coaching clients?

Would you love to have a friendly, coach-centered orientation to the hottest social medial sites that are the best for attracting new coaching clients in an easy and cost effective way?

If you have answered, “Yes!”, then, Attract Coaching Clients with Social Media, is one lesson you’ll want to catch (and watch over and over).


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Attract Coaching Clients with Social Media

We know that you want great easy to follow information on how to thrive in the coaching industry. Since we’ve been in this game quite a while, we can help!

AND we’ll help in a friendly, approachable and down-to-earth, coach-centered way.

Kimberly Horvath

Kimberly Horvath

Attract Coaching Clients with Social Media is one lesson in our, How to Thrive in Coaching, webinar series. The series will eventually contain several 90 minute lessons on topics coaches have specifically asked us for help with. Sometimes the lesson will be given by us and sometimes we’ll bring in guests.

Attract Coaching Clients with Social Media will be given by our very own Kimberley Horvath who heads up our customer support and also runs her own life coaching business, Horvath Coaching.

Kim loves social media and has discovered how to use it to attract paying customers to her life coaching practice. In this webinar she’ll walk you though what she does to attract new coaching clients with her social media accounts.

Each lesson is recorded live with GoTo Meeting and then delivered with our very own coaching client management software, Life Coach Office. So you can join in live and/or log in to Life Coach Office to watch it later, as many times as you like.


Lesson Overview

Think of this lesson as a ‘social media 101’ for coaches who are ready to use social media as an fairly easy and cost effective way to attract new coaching clients.

In this lesson you will…

  • Learn enough of the basics of the best social media sites to start attracting coaching clients (providing you do the work!)
  • Understand who is using the various forms of social media and how they are using them
  • Discover easy and inexpensive processes you can use in your business to attract more customers
  • Finally understand and feel comfortable with all the buzz around the hottest social media
  • Claim your social media territory!


Who is this lesson for?

This lesson has been specifically designed for coaches who:

  • Are relatively new to social media
  • Want to know and understand the best social media sites to focus on specifically to attract new coaching clients
  • Want to learn simple cost effective client getting strategies they can implement straight away


This lesson is NOT for…

  • People who are not coaches
  • Coaches who do not have a basic understanding of how to use computers
  • Coaches who are already getting clients from their social media accounts


What we’ll cover

In this action-packed, 90 minute lesson you will learn about the top 4 easiest and most useful social media sites coaches can use to attract new clients (Facebook, YouTube, Periscope and LinkedIn).

You’ll get a well rounded overview on each social media site. You’ll get to see additional features to look out for. You’ll see how customer attracting strategies work so you can jump straight in and get them going in your coaching business.

We’ll specifically be covering:



  • Learn the basics of using Facebook for business
  • Discover the difference between a Facebook groups and pages
  • When to boost posts
  • How to use notes in Facebook
  • Facebook live
  • Event invites in Facebook
  • We will set up a group and discuss when to make it private and how to moderate posts


  • Discuss the basics of YouTube and why a channel can be a great marketing tool
  • We will go through the basics of setting up a channel (branding the page)
  • When/how to make videos private/unlisted/public
  • How to put videos on your website and Facebook pages


  • Discuss the basics of Periscope
  • Discover why its popular and how it can benefit your coaching business
  • Hot new trends in the use of video
  • How to save videos and put them on YouTube or other pages


  • Why coaches should use LinkedIn to build their coaching business
  • How (and why) to make connections on LinkedIn
  • Discover who uses LinkedIn and why that is important to you
  • Learn how to Set-up your profile page and use articles to get noticed


What’s included

  • Social Media Check List (for Coaching Businesses)
  • Access to live call (for the first 25 people who register)
  • Access to the recording of the call
  • A client account on Life Coach Office (so you can see LCO through a client’s eyes)


How to Join

Date: May 16 2016 @ 10:00 am EST

Investment: $25

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How do I ask questions?

Please email any questions you’d like to see answered in the webinar to Kim. Email Kim.
Participants on the live call can also ask questions by using the chat feature in the webinar.


How do I join the live call?

Details will be emailed to you on the day. You will need internet to join the webinar.


What if I miss the call?

A few hours after the live call you can log into a secure area and watch the lesson from our online classroom. You will be emailed once the recording has been uploaded.


How many people can be on the live call?

There is a 25 person limit on the live call. These spots will be reserved for the first 25 people who register.


How do I log in to view the lesson and material once I’ve bought it?

Once you have registered and paid for the lesson you can access Attract Coaching Clients with Social Media here.