Before I joined the Academy, I was struggling with who is my ideal client, what to focus on as my signature program, and I wanted to learn how to effectively leverage FaceBook Ads to increase traffic to my website.

"Benay is inspiring and knows her clients and what her clients need to be successful. Benay put together an exceptional team of expert mentors to address everything you need to know from A to Z when it comes to creating, launching, and monetizing a coaching signature program.

The Coach Changemakers Academy has been an inspiring experience. Watching the tremendous life altering changes in my classmates as they bloom into successful entrepreneurs has been an emotionally fulfilling experience for me. Working with Benay has been in many ways a life changing experience for me as Benay has helped me to really get clear on where I want to take my business next."

Dr. Grady Batchelor, PCC, BCC, CMC

Coach and Consultant, Dr. Grady Batchelor, Coach and Consultant

"I didn't want to be a 'coach' label thing... so I have a program where I 'share'... sits better with me now and I have the confidence to want to share with others, thank you xx

Coach Changemakers Academy is a must to help you get out of your head and have the confidence that you can have a program just to share your knowledge... and expertise... our message needs to touch the world.

It helped me to push past the fear and I'm confident I can do it now. Learning new skills - email sequencing, sales funnel, marketing, structure and how to nail and talk to your ideal client."

Helga Dalla

Heath Junkie/Advocate, Advancing Health Naturally

"Before Coach Changemakers Academy I felt like everyone knew something I didn' order to attract clients. I was on the outside.

This program really moves you forward and gives so much value for the money! It is well worth it.

I perfected my elevator pitch, know my ideal client and how to talk to them; I know how my program, my conversations and what I offer has an impact on those who need it most. I can write what I know and share it with clients. I'm not confused about who I want to work with, and I feel great about who my clients are - we are a perfect fit! "

Lynette Isaak

Founder and CEO, Love Your Life Recovery

"Before Coach Changemakers Academy I was frustrated with my progress.

I loved the accountability the academy gives each week to stay on track with work but also the resort developed between Benay and each of the participants. It's always so positive and after each session, I felt that I had learned something that I could carry forward.

I feel much more confident to use Facebook advertising as well as having developed new skills in creating landing pages, ads, and email series. "

Jill Whalen

Extend Coaching and Consulting

"I knew I had a program to offer, but couldn't put it into a concise format. It was a jumble of ideas.

Benay expertly guides you through each step of the course. She will not leave you behind and wants to make sure you end the course with a program you can offer clients.

I got more comfortable telling people that I'm offering a coaching program. The biggest result I am seeing is that people are excited about my offer!"

Mary Elizabeth Sheehan

Real Meal Planner

"Before the Academy I didn't know where to start with my online coaching business. Now I am much clearer on what I want my program to look like. I loved getting an eBook ready and learning to use Canva."


Financial Planner, IWP

"I came in clueless and left with lots of knowledge on how my business will function. Now, I see a structure to my program. I can now add and take away what I don't want. Importantly I can develop other signature programs for my business by using the information I have learned."

Nichole Simon

Owner, MMS Career Development & Wellness Coaching, LLC

"Before the Academy I didn't have a niche. I had a great experience but now have written my own eBook and I'm closer to launching a FABULOUS signature program! Thank you Benay!"

Marquetta Spant

Brain Gut Coach, P21 Mind-Wellness Coaching, LLC