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We help coaches create coaching products by letting them borrow our ready-made products and by teaching them how to create their own product sets. We’ve also developed special software for managing your coaching clients totally online.

We believe in the transformational power of coaching and the good Karma it spreads. So, we help a coach, the coach helps his/her clients, the clients impact their friends and families. This ripple effect makes the world a slightly better place. We are honoured to be a part of the cycle.

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Our mission is to help empower new and experienced coaches to build coaching businesses that last (i.e. the coach is happy and fulfilled from his/her business).

We have discovered that coach happiness and wealth comes most easily when:

  • The coach designs their business around the life he/she desires.
  • The coach becomes a true expert in his/her coaching niche or sweet spot.
  • The coach develops and distributes a range of coaching products within his/her coaching sweet spot (e.g. free content, low cost information products, and high end coaching products).
  • The coach is easily accessible to the global market place by being online and getting traffic.
  • The coach sticks with it (building a coaching business can take time depending on where you are starting from)!



A Unique Product Range

Our unique product range comes from a deep understanding of coaching methodologies and the ins-and-outs of running a coaching business combined with technical expertise and a passion for creating professional, easy to use systems. We systematize processes and develop powerful tools that any coach can quickly put into action to help clients and ultimately build a better coaching business.


The 4 most important things we offer our clients.

  • Life Coach Office: an easy to use, online platform for managing your coaching business from your Mac/Linux/ Windows computer and from your Smartphone or tablet.
  • Ebooks and Courses that get you started with creating your own unique coaching products.



Our Team

Our team members are passionate, talented people who live life on their own terms and enjoy a free, virtual, work environment. As designers, developers, analysts, project managers, and coaches based in Europe, Asia, Australia and the US, we love what we do and are proud to be able to help so many coaches take their businesses to new levels.



I’m Benay

Benay Headshot July 2016

Benay, Director, Universal Coaching Systems

I’m the founder and inspiration behind UCS. I have a Diploma in Life Coaching and am a certified NLP practitioner. I also have 15 years experience in high-end, multi-million dollar, web development with a specialization in user experience design and business analysis.

Credentials aside, I am a free thinker who is always seeking new ways to do things even better. I see life as a moving target in which you never arrive – it’s about making the most of each amazing day you have on the planet and moving forward on your own terms every day. I also believe that you and I can manifest practically anything if we stick with it long enough.

My hope is that those beliefs and values might filter though our products and articles to inspire our customers to do the important things and, ultimately, be that little bit more fulfilled.

You can read my backstory and breakthroughs here.

See what I’m up to right now.