The World Needs Your Coaching

The World Needs Your Coaching

The World Needs Your Coaching

Coaching Creates Good Karma

We believe in the transformational power of coaching and the good Karma it spreads.

By providing resources that liberate coaches do their best work, we are helping coaches provide more customized value to their niche so they stay in business for the long haul.

Each coaching business starts it’s own ripple effect – making the world a better place. We love being a part of the cycle.

Build Your Coaching Business

Done-for-You Coaching Tools

White-label coaching worksheets ready to use with clients.

Coach Springboard

Live mentoring and accountability group for coaches starting their online business

Life Coach Office Software

Affordable, easy-to-use way to mange coaching clients online.

Highly recommended.

Thank you for the templates!! I just wanted to let you know how helpful they were! I highly recommend them to any coach starting out. It is in my opinion worth the small investment! Thanks again.

Debbie Kegan

Life Coach

Awesome tools.

I just wanted to thank you for the awesome tools Universal Coaching Systems has provided me with for working with my clients. I recently did a workshop using the Pathfinder Program and many of the participants left with a renewed sense of who they are and definitely have a plan of action for moving forward in life. Thank you for providing such a wonderful resource to help those find direction again in life.

Mark Flory

Spiritual Interpreter/Life Architect

A very worthwhile investment.

“Benay creates a wonderful, supportive, and safe space for participants to create momentum and integrate goals. As a result, I was able to develop a structure around my coaching business, better connect with my niche while staying focused on my specific goals. She also encouraged me to focus on the intangible aspects of developing a business that leads to tangible results, such as sharing more of myself, being more vulnerable and relatable. A very worthwhile investment. Thank you Benay! ”

Stephanie Lewis

Mindfulness Coach, LiveWellFlow

Enabled me to keep moving forward.

“As a result of being part of the Online Coaches Roundtable, I grew as a person and became more confident in my ability as a coach and coaching beyond the face to face. Connecting with other like minded coaches gave me the encouragement and accountability to keep going, to broaden my perspective and to bring a new focus to my coaching.

The group has enabled me to keep moving forward, to have the confidence to build the business into an online business, and to bring in new ideas, whilst staying accountable through the set goals and weekly activities.”

Jill Wahlan

Leadership Coach and Consultant, Extend Coaching and Consulting

Opened up huge potential for my coaching business.

“Life Coach Office has opened up huge potential for my coaching business. Now, I can spend LESS time and deliver MORE content to MORE clients.”

Chet W. Sisk

International Leadership Development Specialist, LEAD

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“Your successful coaching business is not a destination. It’s a way of life.” – Benay Dyor

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