Life Coach Office Knowledge Base

LCO Library

This video is about the Library area of Life Coach Office

Meeting Requests

In this tutorial we discuss how to request a meeting with your coach.

Monthly Coaching Journal

This video shares a work around for coaches that do not meet with their clients weekly, but prefer they journal on a weekly basis.

Classroom Training

This video is about the classroom. Learn how to Create courses within LCO, Create lessons, and Add lessons to courses

LCO Open Call – January 2017

In this call we discuss 5 ways to use LCO to achieve success as a coach. We discuss the following: 1) Setting your intentions for your business 2) Mass Email 3) Customizing Visions and Goals 4) Strategic use of the Library 5) Using Audio in the classroom...

LCO Open Call – December 2016

In this call we share the client experience! Take a look at your clients view of LCO. We will discuss: Client home screen Client tutorials How to set access for clients and how that looks and feels to them invoicing Client profile And much more!  ...

LCO Open Call – November 2016

In this call we discuss: 1) What your clients sees when they sign in 2) Your personal branded page and link 3) Marketing the free LCO Business using the Online Coach Launch Pad Make sure to download the Online Coach Launch Pad if you haven't already.  ...

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