I am a huge fan of online courses that combine online material AND some one-on-one coaching/mentoring. Over the years I have found this winning combination brings the absolute best results for my clients.

Having a structured program with well planned, re-usable lessons, personalized expertise when clients have questions AND real live client accountability makes for productive and successful clients!

From the coach’s perspective, the this hybrid online course is also incredibly rewarding. You get connection and the opportunity to become better and better at your calling with each client group.

But how does one deliver an online coaching course?

In this short video, I’ll show you exactly how I publish fresh weekly content for my coaching clients.

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Benay creates expert tools and systems for coaches wanting to supercharge their business. She runs her business totally online while traveling the world with her family (husband, toddler and 2 dogs). She's been coaching professionally since 2006, has a Diploma in Life Coaching, is an NLP Practitioner and has an extensive background in business analysis and high-end, IT system development.