99 niches

99 Coaching Niches

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Choosing a coaching niche is an important first step to developing your online coaching business. Without a clear niche, you’ll come across as totally scattered to your potential fans. Plus, without the scope that a coaching niche provides, you’ll find that it’s pretty tricky to write a suite of useful information products and online programs to market and sell from your website.

Basically, your niche helps you focus and empowers you to get started on a path! You can spend your life being average at all types of coaching, or you can get serious about a specific coaching niche and be amazing!



A Tool to Help You Focus

Choosing a niche is not really as big a deal as you may imagine. Simply put your niche is a mix of your current skills, passions, and expertise, combined with a specific segment of the market that you can relate to and fully understand.

Ironically, enough, sometimes it takes a while to be honest enough with yourself to get the mix right. And that’s OK. As I am often saying to my Next Generation Product Development (for Coaches) clients, some things just take time to figure out, be kind to yourself.  ๐Ÿ™‚

Your first coaching niche need not be the one you ultimately settle on. You can change your niche as many times as you need to, as you become more in-tune with and confident in yourself as a coach.



Still Figuring Out your Coaching Niche?

Need ideas for your coaching niche?

Need ideas for your coaching niche?

If you are still figuring out your coaching niche, and want some help, here is a list of coaching niche ideas to get you thinking.

In my opinion, not one of them is particularly what I would call a, stand-out niche. Stand-out niches are great in the online world where being generic and predictable is boring and often gets overlooked! Stand-out niches get noticed and have the added benefit that they are also usually cheaper to market because they are smaller targets. (Side note: Did you know that with the right product set, coaches can run amazing businesses with just 1000 real fans?!)

If you want to try for a stand-out coaching niche, combine two or more of the ideas on this list and see where it takes you. I’ve found that when you start combining, things quickly become more interesting. See if you can come up with a coaching niche that is something special, is worth noticing, and is uniquely YOU!



List of Coaching Niches

This list has been loosely categorised to help make it easier to read. You may find that some niches belong in multiple categories. for the sake of having 99 different ideas, I’ve avoided duplicate entries.

If you have any suggestions to make on the list, please share them in the comments section below.


Arts and Creativity

1. Acting

2. Dancing

3. Music

4. Singing

5. Writing

6. Drawing

7. Painting

8. Crafts

9. Photography



10. Advancement

11. Career Transition

12. Interview Skills

13. Job Search

14. Retirement



15. Executive Coaching

16. Mergers and Acquisitions

17. Strategic Planning

18. Team Building


Emotions, Thoughts, Mindset

19. ADHD

20. Anxiety

21. Addiction

22. Autism

23. Depression

24. Grief

25. Happiness

26. Law Of Attraction

27. Stress Relief


Technique/ Method/ Approach

28. NLP

29. EFT

30. Reiki

31. Re-birthing

32. Yoga

33. Hypnotherapy

34. Journalling

35. Art



36. Adoption

37. Ageing Parents

38. Funeral

39. Living Overseas

40. Military Family

41. Mixed Families

42. Parenting

43. Stay-At-Home Parent

44. Attachment Parenting

45. Alternative Schooling

46. Divorce/Separation


Health, Fitness, Wellness

47. Competitive Sport

48. Exercise

49. Nutrition

50. Raw, Vegan, Or Vegetarian

51. Specific Diet Type

52. Specific Health Problem

53. Weight Loss>


Life Skills

54. Assertiveness

55. Communication Skills (Effective Listening, Questioning, Rapport Building, etc)

56. Self Confidence

57. Time Management

58. Work/Life Balance

59. Financial Management

60. Getting Organized (de-clutter)

61. Interior Design

62. Lifestyle Design

63. Personal Image


Love Life

64. Cross Cultural

65. Dealing With Loss

66. Divorce

67. Gay

68. Marriage

69. Online Dating

70. Better Sex



71. Goal Setting and Achievement

72. Motivation

73. Productivity


Professional Skills

74. Communication

75. Customer Service

76. Leadership

77. Management

78. Negotiations

79. Project Management

80. Public Relations

81. Public Speaking

82. Sales/Marketing


Small Business

83. Entrepreneur

84. Growing a Business

85. Getting Online

86. Marketing

87. Starting a Business



88. Inner Peace

89. Intuition

90. Life Purpose

91. Meditation

92. Mid-Life Crisis

93. Religion


Shared Common Ground

94. Specific Age

95. Specific Location

96. Specific Nationality

97. Specific Profession

98. Specific Religion

99. Specific Life Experience

These are just a few niche ideas that can be combined together to create thousands more! Which ones inspired you? Can you combine them to create a stand-out coaching niche for your online coaching business?

The important thing is to choose and focus on a niche that taps into your expertise and understanding and then give it your all. From there, you will grow and learn to trust yourself more and more. By continually following your own positive energy, you will end up with your calling when you are truly ready.


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