Articles to help you and your coaching business.

Time to Declutter Your Coaching Business?

Since I already have very little stuff, I’m looking at my business and specifically, my products. This article looks at how you can identify products that no longer serve, support and nurture you, your business and your clients.

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Your top questions about creating products – Answered

  Today, I've been sorting through all of the questions I've been getting about creating products. There are so many good ones, that I decided to write a whole blog post on the topic. In this post I've chosen 8 of the most common questions I get asked about...

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How to be More Confident as a Coach

Confidence comes from believing in yourself as you are, right now, today. This true inner confidence is born from doing inner work on yourself. This usually involves digging deep to find the root of your beliefs about yourself and then doing transformational work to...

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How Do I Get Started with LCO?

Here is a short and sweet series of videos to help you get started using Life Coach Office – software for managing your coaching business online.

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How to Deliver an Online Coaching Course

So, you’ve designed your own signature coaching program and you’ve decided to turn all of it or part of it into an online course. Exciting!

So, what next? How the heck do you bring everything together, online and make it all work?

Well, here’s exactly what I did that’s worked wonders for my coaching business…

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Recipe for a Coaching Business Breakthrough

From my own trials and tribulations as a coaching business owner and through the stories of the coaches I have had the privilege to work with, I’ve learned a lot about what works and what does not work when it comes to designing your dream coaching business.

Whether you’ve been coaching for a while or you’re just getting started, here is my tried and tested recipe for a breakthrough in your coaching business. It boils down to these five essential ingredients…

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How to Design Your Own Signature Coaching Program

Solid, detailed, Coaching Programs, simply sell themselves. This is because the more you can help your clients to visualise, understand and grasp what they are investing in, the more likely they are to buy. This is why successful coaches don’t just sell blocks of coaching sessions, they sell results packaged into clear Coaching Programs.

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