How I made $18,000 while helping Cancer Patients

In a recent catch up with one of my Next Gen Alumni Students I learned something that astonished me – in a good way. The story is a shining example that I am doing good and important work that is making a real difference in the lives of my customers. Enjoy!

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EPISODE 15- Discovering Self Love (with Kurek Ashley)

In EPISODE 14, Mike Bundrant from the iNLP Center walks us through exactly how to get our coaching clients unstuck. He’s created a revolutionary process for identifying self sabotaging behaviour and dealing with them for good. Enjoy the show!

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Simple Online Sales Funnel (for Coaches)

These days an online sales funnel is an essential part of any coaching business. This article tells you why and outlines the steps within a simple online sales funnel for a typical coaching business.

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