Free up time and money with
our professional coaching tools.

Get your free coaching tool samples here.

Free up time and money with
our professional coaching tools.

Get your free coaching tool samples here.

Coaching Creates Good Karma

We believe in the transformational power of coaching and the good Karma it spreads.

We help a coach free up time and money, the coach lasts longer in business and has more to give to his/her clients, those clients impact their friends and families.

This ripple effect makes the world a slightly better place. We are honored to be a part of the cycle.

Happy Life Coach - Just saved heaps of time!

Save Hours and Hours

No need to create your own coaching systems from scratch – we’ve done it for you!

If you offer coaching or mentoring services, you can quickly put our professional tools into action with your clients today.

Never start with a blank page again. Start with a home run every time.

A Unique Product Range

Life Coach Office

Coaching Software

WOW your clients with your online coaching capability. Gain ultimate freedom and flexibility as a coaching business owner.

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The Coaching Tools Triple Pack

Made-for-you Coaching Tools

Coaching worksheets ready to use with your clients today. Be creative, re-brand and use with as many clients as you like.

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Next Gen Course

Books & Courses

Tried and tested resources to help you create the independent life and business of your dreams.

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LCO Consulting and Administration

We make transitioning online feel like a breeze. Get individualized support based on your needs with the LCO Jumpstart Development Package.

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Highly recommended.

Thank you for the templates!! I just wanted to let you know how helpful they were!

I highly recommend them to any coach starting out. It is in my opinion worth the small investment! Thanks again.

Debbie Kegan

Life Coach

Awesome tools.

I just wanted to thank you for the awesome tools Universal Coaching Systems has provided me with for working with my clients.

I recently did a workshop using the Pathfinder Program and many of the participants left with a renewed sense of who they are and definitely have a plan of action for moving forward in life.

Thank you for providing such a wonderful resource to help those find direction again in life.

Mark Flory

Spiritual Interpreter/Life Architect

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Your successful coaching business is not a destination.
It’s a way of life.

Save Time and Money with Our Professional Coaching Tools

Get Free Your Free Coaching Tool Samples Here

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